Friday, March 12, 2010

Taylor Swift

Way back in October or Novemer, Savita, and Amber and I bought tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert. Last night finally came and we had a big night. The girls were all excited and cute! There were lots of little giggles coming from the back of the car :)
The highlight of the night was when Taylor surprised everyone and started walking down the aisles from where we were sitting. We were literally just a few feet away from her, but unfortunately our girls didn't get to see her much , because of everyone rushing and trampling over us. Avery was the only one that got to see her. She was a girl on a mission. She crawled under everyone's feet and took the best pics of the night. She told me..."Aunt Stacy, I was so close I could almost touch her." I think she might be a photographer one of these days. She was snapping pictures all night long. Emmy, bless her heart, fell asleep for most of the concert. Alyssa had a hard time realizing at first that she couldn't see Taylor Swift. She told me..."Mom, if Taylor knew I was here, she would want to see me." And little Emmy disappointedly said," I really wanted to give her a hug." They were all too sweet! It was a good time. I'm glad we get to have fun nights with our girls....and Taylor was a doll! She was so personable. I think she touched and hugged every single person she made eye contact with. It was a great concert.


Heather said...

OH!!! How fun!!!!! I'm totally jealous! So glad y'all had fun!!! I love her!

Stacy said...

We did have a wonderful time! So glad our girls got to hear her live. They are always singing her songs:)