Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A birthday and a graduation!

This is our first family of 3 photo taken on May 20, 2005.

Our little Alyssa Joy was born, and her arrival was not a quick one.

After laboring for 27 1/2 hours {whew} Aaron and I finally got to lay our eyes on the absolute cutest little baby girl we had ever seen:)
I cannot believe that she is already 6! This week we celebrated her birthday and her Kindergarten graduation all at the same time.
This year has been a year of big strides for for Miss Alyssa! She started and finished Kindergarten, learned to read and write, learned to ride her bicylce without training wheels, and can recite more verses in the Bible than I can. We couldn't be more proud! Our sweet girl is just that...SWEET! She can be sensative and tender-hearted. She has a quiet and gentle spirit (like her daddy), but is also very adventurous (like her daddy also.) She loves to play hard and isn't afraid to get dirty. I don't think she has met a bug yet that she is afraid of! I have to keep my eye on her and make sure she doesn't try to pick up any dangerous ones :) She is brave, but cautious, and sweet, but feisty at times. She has strong convictions and is well behaved and respectful. She was awarded at school for having superior behavior, no bad marks for the whole year (so proud)! She is as bashful and quiet as they come, (around others), but has no problem performing in front of people. If you ever say hello to her, you better listen closely or you will miss the ever-so-quiet hello back to you. She doesn't care about being the center of attention at all, and doesn't show her emotions too often around anyone. She enjoys spicy food, and she still loves rootbeer flavored anything. She has a new found love for pizza rolls and also loves cinnamon flavored applesauce and salt and vinegar chips. Her favorite vegetables are carrots and sweet potatoes and she loves raspberries. Alyssa is playful and loving towards her little sister, and prays for and talks about her baby brother all the time. She loves rollerskating, ice skating, swimming, riding her bike outside, and watching movies. She discovered Justin Bieber this year with the help of her new friends in Kindergarten:) but is still a Taylor Swift fan as well. She's just a fun girl and it's such a joy being her mom! I feel blessed everyday that God chose me to be her mom! I love her to pieces!

Graduation night

with her friend Ashtyn

Her principal. Mrs. Chapman, handing Alyssa her diploma

And some birthday party fun!

Happy birthday and graduation Alyssa Joy! You shine so bright sweet girl, and me and dad are so stinkin proud of you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


YES! We got our referral this afternoon!!!! We are JUMPING FOR JOY!!!We got the much waited and anticipated (and almost felt like it would never happen) phone call from Kathy at CHI! We couldn't be more excited! Words cannot accurately describe how grateful to God and overjoyed we are! God called and we said yes, and He literally guided our every step of this journey. Yes, some of the times weren't easy, but I wouldn't trade "the wait" for anything. For it is in "the wait" that we have been stretched in our faith, and drawn closer to the Father. Aaron and I have even become closer to each other, unified more than we have ever been. We have learned there is a season of waiting and sitting at the Father's feet, and trusting Him for literally EVERYTHING! I think the key lesson in "the wait" is TRUST! Even when things don't seem right or make sense, or even if others are against you, or fear or discouragement tries to creep in, TRUST HIM! So those of you who are still in the middle of "the wait," take heart, and keep trusting. God knows exactly what He is doing! Your time will come too, and we will be celebrating along-side you :)
As for us now, we begin our new "wait." We now wait on our court date once our papers are submitted. :)
Thank you to every single person who has been praying for us and our son! We are more than grateful for your prayers!

Depraved Indifference

I can't remember if I shared this before, but I figured it's good enough to share twice if I did :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

2011 Farmer's Market kickoff

What's new with us? Last weekend we kicked off the 2011 Farmer's Market! I was so excited to see all the new vendors this year. What I was most excited to see added was the artisan bread vendor and the grass fed meat, cheese, milk, and eggs vendor. This is just the very beginning of the busy season for us, but it also is the start of all the good yummy local foods we get spoiled on during the season, not to mention a little savings on our fruit and veggie portion of our grocery bill :)
On the adoption front, we are still waiting for our referral. We do however expect to get it at literally any second now! Don't worry, I will let you know as soon as we hear anything. I have a feeling we are going to have all kinds of good news to share with you very soon :) In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of the pics I took at the market.

Homemade pastas

Local honey

locally homemade soaps

Grass fed meats!!!!!

Flavored cooking oils

Artisan breads

fresh roasted coffee (so good!)

Just pies!

Homemade toffee ( Oh my word! Too good)


Lavendar Farmers bring lots of beautiful product!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I sure am thankful for my mom! Everyday she would tell me and my brother that we were the "apple of her eye."
I love you mom! You are the cream in my coffee ;)Thanks for being such a sweet momma!
This is my all time favorite picture of us!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The cutest!

I know this isn't the best quality of pictures,( I took a picture of the picture) but I just had to share the absolute cutest Kindergarten class I think I ever saw :) Can you see my Alyssa? She is wearing a long sleeve white polo and is sitting in between the 2 cutie patootie Calebs from Ethiopia :) (Second girl on the second row)