Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Rivers

A lot of you may already know that we are apart of something wonderful. A group of people called New Rivers Experience. They are our church family. We call them our church family, because we truly are a family. New Rivers people are more than friends to us. They are our spritual mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters. The relationships we have with each other are very real and very deep. I know I could share ANYTHING with these people and it wouldn't matter to them. They would love me and support me wherever I was. Just pure pure hearts and genuinely kind people.
So the other night we had baptistims and baby dedications at Alicia and Kavin Tubbs's house.
It was such a good night. First we ate and then we had the baby dedications. Aaron and I were the first to go. We had already dedicated Alyssa to the Lord a couple of years back, but we still read the words over both of our girls. We got to say it in our own words. This is what Aaron spoke over them:
"Alyssa and Aubrey,
We promise to show you and teach you the ways of the Lord to the best of our ability. You are our gifts from the Lord and we will never take that for granted. We promise to always believe God's best for you and encourage you in your giftings and own individual uniqueness. We believe what Psalm 139:14 says that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. We promise you stability and love through our marriage and love and committment to each other. We promise to surround you with a community of believers and lovers who see your greatest potentials in Christ. We hope through us you will see Jesus. We pray that the seeds we plant will take root and grow deep and will continue to produce good fruit throughout your lives. You are our princesses, but most of all, you are God's princesses. May He always surround you and keep you as the apple of His eye. You are His and He is your King!" And that was our prayer that we prayed over the girls. I thought it was beautiful!!!!
Next our sweet sweet friends Drew and Christy Wight dedicated their new baby Velvie to the Lord. They read something they wrote and prayed their life verse over her. It was amazing too.
Last was Robin, who all night long made me cry like a baby. Robin is a single mother of 2 whose life has been completely turned around by Jesus. She and her kids Brennan and Blake are awesome! I hope our girls turn out to be that awesome!!!! Anyway, Brennan was 8 and had never been dedicated to the Lord, so Robin sat her on her knee and looked her in her eyes and with tears from both poured out her heart to Brennan and called out the potential she saw in her. It was a big time tear jerker and just a sweet sweet moment.
Next we had baptisims. First went Gabe who has 2 children and has also had a major life turn around recently. He said a few words to his kids and even though I couldn't hear all that he was saying, it made me cry too. Then Alicia and Miles spoke over him awesome powerful words and baptized him. Ok then comes Robin and her kids again. Robin spoke over both her kids again and baptized them, then her awesome kids prepared their own verses they spoke over her and baptized her together. It was so beautiful and sweet. I loved it. It is just so good to be a part of something so genuine and pure. When I am stressed out over something or having a hard time, just being a part of things like this melts it all away. It was such a refreshing time. God's presence was thick and the air was sweet.