Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun stuff!

Yesterday I had a rough day. It was a tough weekend...super busy in the beginning, sick child, then I got sick, and our dear friends lost their dad, so we went to the funeral, which was so hard. So then recooping from all that I felt drained, and was focusing on the negative, which is never good. So my sweet husband gets home and I get it all out with him. I just told him my heart and how I was feeling and he, being the sweet man he is, just listened, and offered me his ear and words of wisdom. Aaron left with Alyssa to take her to cheerleading, and Aubrey was sleeping, so I had some time to myself and decided to clean my floors, which took me an hour, and they are already dirty again, but that's life :) Anyway, as I was mopping I decided to focus on the things I was thankful for, and surprisingly my day got way better after that. Isn't it funny how that works????? The night from then on out was wonderful. I made hamburgers for dinner and we just hung out and had some quality family time. Quality time with my family and watching my girls laugh at their daddy is one of my favorites!

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