Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fish City

Last night after soccer practice, we were in the car driving trying to decide where we were going to go eat dinner. I said how about Pei Wei or Fish City? Alyssa says, innocently and not knowing the funny nature of her words..."No, not fishshitty." It was so funny Aaron and I busted out laughing. She said what are yall laughing at, and I told her I was just laughing at daddy being silly. Then she said it again...."I don't want to go to fishshitty." This time, almost tears, we were laughing so hard. She didn't know what she was saying, or why we were laughing, if she did, she would have gotten vinegar in her mouth for saying bad words :) Anyway, we ended up going to Pei Wei and now the beloved Fish City will forever be to us "Fishshitty."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Is Taylor Swift Saved????

Does Taylor Swift have Jesus in her heart? This is the burning question my 4 year-old wants to know. We were driving in the car when Alyssa asked me this very random question. I told her I wasn't sure if she did or not. She said well, does she sing about Jesus? I said I don't know of any of her songs being about Jesus. She then asked me again about her having Jesus in her heart and I told her I don't know, but I sure hope so. She got so upset that I thought she was going to start crying. She said," Yes, she does, momma. She does have Jesus in her heart." Ok ok. I told her maybe you are right.
I was telling Aaron about this thinking it was cute and funny, and he brought to my attention how Alyssa's understanding on the importance of this was. I never thought about it much, but her understanding about Jesus and the importance of having a relationship with him was greater than I thought. I always pray for God to give my girls wisdom and understanding beyond their years, and I believe now more than ever that He is listening and pouring that wisdom and understanding into my girls!

Little Piggies!

This morning I painted Aubrey's toenails hot pink for the first time! First of all, I have to say that she already has the cutest ever tiny toes I have ever seen! Now they are even cuter :) I had to use the quick dry nail polish, because she kept trying to touch them. She is so funny! She was smiling from ear to ear and kept saying "cute toes" "pretty." We went on some errands and I put tennis shoes on her and when we got home I took them off. The first thing she saw was her pink toes! She just walks around looking at them smiling repeating "cute toes; pretty." I love her so much! She is too sweet and cute for words! Ohhhhh it's the little things that bring me joy!
Oh, and her newest words are I love you. She says " I wub oo." and if we say it first she says "too." Which is her I love you too! She is still the biggest ever cuddle bug on the face of the planet and I love every second of it. She will give me the longest ever hugs and lay her head on my shoulder and pat my back or cup the back of my head and then she will look at me and give me the sweetest kiss! She has such a sweet, sweet tender heart. Just now, she walked up to me and asked me if I was ok. she said "Kaaaay?" I said I'm ok, and she walked off. It's so funny to me to have her talk to me with such concern on her face. Such a tiny person and such a big sweet heart!

Alyssa's cocktails

This morning Alyssa is pretending to be a waitress:) She is in the bathroom mixing different things together for me. She came out with "strawberry milk and flowerly honey" She told me to enjoy because they wouldn't have it tomorrow. hehe!
It was a wonderful mix of cinnamon tooth paste, mint toothpaste, body spray and hairspray and water, stirred up with the end of her hairbrush in a tropical fish dixie cup! Yummy! I told her it was the best ever "strawberry milk and flowerly honey" I had ever had. Oh....as I was just sitting here typing this she brought in my "white peach cobbler." Can't wait to see what's next!

Monday, September 14, 2009


This morning I took the girls with me to the grocery store to get ingredients to make my dad (Grandad) a cake. Today is his birthday. Yesterday was Aaron's dad's (Papa) birthday. So we were walking into the store and Alyssa said are we going to make Grandad and Papa birthday cakes. I said no, just Grandad. And she told me that we need to make Papa one too b/c his birthday was yesterday. I explained to her that we couldn't make Papa a cake because he is diabetic and can't eat very much sugar. Of course she was so concerned asking me all kinds of questions, like what does that mean? and What will happen to him? I just told her that a lot of sugar isn't very good for any of us, but if Papa eats too much he will get sick, so we should do something different for him instead of making him a cake.
Alyssa says to me"Mom, I have that too." I asked her what? and she said"I also have diarreah when I eat too much sugar." I said no, not diarreah, it's called diabetic. She said "no mom, it's called diarreah. It's when you eat too much sugar and you poop it out." I giggled and said oh, ok I see. I guess that could happen too :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Wow. I am on top of things this year. I usually wait until the last minute, but this year I decided early what I wanted my girls to be for Halloween. I don't know how long I will be able to pick Alyssa's costumes, since she is growing up and is developing her own opinions, so I took advantage and decided to make them 50's girls. I found a really cute website anniespoodleskirts.com, and ordered them from there. Alyssa's is hot pink with a black poodle and Aubrey's is black with a pink poodle. They both came with white shirts with poodles on them and matching scarves. They are the cutest little poodle skirt costumes I have seen that are affordable. I got them in and tried them on the girls and they were adorable in them! They were so excited. Aubrey was giggling uncontrollably while I was putting hers on, and when they were both dressed, they ran around the house dancing and laughing and chasing each other. I am pretty sure they like them! Anyway, I can't wait until Halloween so they can wear them. Now just to be able to keep them off of them so they will stay clean until then!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday, Aaron and the girls and myself were driving around looking for farmland to purchase and we lost track of time. Alyssa had soccer practice at 5:00 and she wasn't ready. It is an ordeal putting those shin guards and huge socks on, so we stopped at my mamaw's to change her, b/c we were in the neighborhood. My mamaw just turned 90 this year and Linda Fort had made her a photo album of her past and present. On the cover of it there was a picture of Mamaw...Oleta Lorraine Phennel, in her 20's and then one of her now. Well, Alyssa was looking at it and said "that is a good picture of my mom." Me and Aaron and Mamaw started laughing, and I told her that is not me, that is a picture of Mamaw when she was young. She said ,"no mom, that's you....look at the lips. Those are your lips." I said no, that is Mamaw when she was young. Oh my goodness!!!! Alyssa lost it. She had a MAJOR meltdown! She started crying and screaming, "Why are you lying to me? Look at the lips. That is you. I know that is you. Why are ya'll telling me that?" We couldn't help but laugh, which only made her more upset, so we stopped saying anything. We couldn't convince her otherwise. She wouldn't believe that that was a picture of Mamaw for anything. Later when she cooled off, I tried explaining again that it was Mamaw and not me, and she got upset all over again. It was too funny! I never thought I looked like my Mamaw in her younger years, but apparently I did to Alyssa. That's ok with me. Mamaw was a little hottie!

Friday, September 4, 2009

First day of preschool.

So Alyssa's first day of preschool was yesterday. The night before I made sure her backpack was all packed, and I made her lunch....turkey and cheese sandwich, which I cut out into a heart with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, carrot sticks with ranch, grapes and water, and a surprise...gummy savers :) Even though she can't read yet, I wrote "I love you, Love Mom" on her napkin....just because it made me feel better.
Well, morning came and she was ready to go. She picked out her little outfit and put on her backpack and we headed out the door....sort of! We started out the door with plenty of time to spare and I started to smell something....poopy diaper. So...back in the house, changed the diaper, then ready to go a second time. I look over at Alyssa and she is holding her tummy telling me she has to poop. Oh no!!!!! Now time is ticking away and I didn't want to be the mom that showed up late to the first day of pre-k. She finished up and we jumped in the car, and....no gas! I totally forgot. I speeded on over to Wal-Mart, put in 20 bucks and hurried down 78. So by some form of miracle, I got to school on time and didn't get a speeding ticket, and still had my sanity...a little bit:)
I rushed Alyssa to class and took some sweet pictures and left with a tiny package the teacher handed me on the way out the door. I was surprisingly not emotional at all. I think I was too tired and rushed to even be sad that my baby is now a big girl a that this is my last year with her before she starts Kindergarten. Until..........I got in the car and had a chance to look at what the teacher had handed me. It was a tiny plastic baggy with a hershey hug and kiss in it and a tissue and a note that read:
"As you leave your child for the first day with us,
and even if there are no tears, no fuss,
Know you will be missed by your sweet babe
during playtime as new friends are made
So here is a tissue to dry your tears,
a kiss and a hug to calm your fears,
Go on with your day, try to relax
We will love your child until you come back!"

So then came the tears. It hit me thinking how time has flown by so fast with my sweet girl! It truly does seem that I was seeing that sweet little tiny face for the first time just yesterday. My goodness. On the first day of Kindergarten I will likely need a valium of some sort before dropping her off to school.
But the day came and went and before I knew it I was picking her up. Aubrey was missing her too, because she kept walking to the door saying "Go" "Lylla" which means let's go get Alyssa! So very sweet!
Alyssa got in the car and was excited, telling me about her "spanich" class and her words she learned "menadas" this is how she pronounces it, which I don't know what it means.
So I was proud of her for learning "spanich" on her first day and for not crying or being nervous at all. Next week should be better for me ;)