Thursday, March 26, 2009

this morning

This morning I was sitting at the computer and Kyle, my nephew proceeded to tattle that Alyssa had a booger and wiped it on his pillow! Alyssa denied it and said, "I don't have a booger on the pillow. It's still in my nose!" The things those kids fight about are so funny! Sometimes I find it difficult to keep a straight face when they are upset about things. I think I might be a little upset if someone wiped a booger on my pillow too. But on the other hand, my little princess would never do that! :)hahaha!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Rambles the sleeping through the night thing with Aubs didn't last. She is back to waking up almost every night and wanting to get in bed with me and Aaron. We are so tired, we just let her. The other night I put her in bed with us and she actually woke up about 5 times feeling around for me to see if she was by me or not. The little stinker! It is sweet, because she is such a little cuddler, but I would rather not be having to cuddle with her at 4:00 am.. That's when I want to be cuddling with Aaron! Anyway, she always has to have her hand on me or my face pressed against her face! It's all my fault and now it's a habit I feel is a bit out of control. Alyssa still gets up every night too and has to potty or just wakes up scared and Aaron ends up sleeping with her in her bed and I have Aubrey in ours with me! I want to claim our bed back, but I also want to sleep on some level!

Such a girl!

Well, the other day me and Alyssa went to Wal Mart and Alyssa picked out some shoes for Aubrey. They were just the little $5.00 Crocks knockoff ...Mary Jane style. My girl has cute taste!!!!!
Anyway, when we got home, I told Aubrey that we had a surprise for her. It was so funny because she completely knew what I was talking about. She walked over to me smiling and waiting. I pulled out the shoes and showed them to her and she let out a little giggle. I tried them on her and they fit and then she turned around and said as clear as day,"Thank you," and gave me a big hug! It was so funny. I swear that girls acts older than she is! Aaron, Alyssa and I were cracking up and couldn't believe she did that! Later Aaron tried to take the shoes off of her and she threw a little fit! Don't you dare take off my new shoes daddy!!!!!!!!
I guess she mimicks her big sister and learns from her. She already gets out Alyssa's purses and puts them on her shoulder and walks around the house like she's a big girl! It looks like I am going to have 2 really prissy girly girls!!!! Fine with me! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleeping through the night

I just wanted to write today down!!! Aubrey slept through the night 2 nights in a row, for the first time ever!!!! She has slept through the night before, but never consistently! I am so proud and excited! She actually slept in past 8 o'clock.
Now little Alyssa came in the bed with us around 2:00 a.m. She had a little cough and it kept waking her up. I asked her where on earth is this cough coming from? You haven't been congested. And she said, "it's because I have snot in my throat." Oh!! Ok. The little smarty! I gave her a little cough syrup and she finally went back to sleep. We used to joke that we won't get a full night's rest again for the next 18 years. But I can feel it of these days in the very near future, Aaron and I will actually get to sleep by ourselves through the night. I can feel it... it will be soon...I hope!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beautiful Morning!

Today is just one of those mornings where all feels right with the world! I have my windows up, the weather is perfect, I am drinking a good cup of coffee, and my girls are just hanging out in their jammies, being as good as could be. Not to mention, last night I had my first ever facial, thanks to Savita, and my face feels good. It's just a good morning!
Today I am feeling so grateful for all that I have.
Aubrey has started to greet me every morning by saying Hi! But it sounds more like "HIEE." So sweet. She is the most cuddly little baby I know. Gives the best ever hugs. When I walked through the door last night after my facial, she ran to me with her little arms stretched out squealing. I picked her up and she buried her little face in my neck. She acted like it was the first time she had seen me all week. Then when I put her down she continued to hug my leg like a little monkey and bury her head in my leg for another 5 minutes. She loves her momma! This morning Aaron and I were sitting at the breakfast table talking, and Aubrey comes running up to the me with her cup and said , "Mo." Which means more, and then I gave her more and she told me thank you. Such a little smartie pants! So precious!
Little Alyssa gets sweeter everyday I think. She has so much conviction and just has such a sweet disposition about her... a lot like her daddy! She has started singing a lot more. Aaron was shaving the other day and she went in the bathroom and started singing," Daaaaddy are you shaving your faaaaace?" Aaron busted out laughing at her! I think she is destined to be in a musical when she starts singing her sentences. As I am sitting here right now, she is in the bathroom singing, "Why can't we be friends", by War.
We went to see the Clay family the other night and Alyssa really took a liking to Bubba, no surprise there! All kids love Bubba, and when we left, she told me,"Mom, I forgot to sing Taylor Swift to Bubba!" She was so disappointed that she forgot to sing to Bubba. I told her maybe next time! LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!