Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well, it has been a little while since I last blogged... I guess about 2 weeks.
Aubrey is walking now! We were at mom's house for lunch Sunday January the 11th, which was ironically the date of the first day I ever met Aaron, and Frank, Lindsey's husband, came over to me and asked me if Aubrey was walking yet. I told him no, not yet. And he said well she just took 3 steps and I didn't know if that was a big deal or not. Yeah!!!!!! It's kind of a big deal I told him. So that was the start of it. Frank was the first to see her very very first steps. So from then on it was history. She is a little walker now. Sometimes she will just give up and start crawling still, but for the most part, she has it down. She is also very musical, just like her big sis. She will sit forever and play the little pink piano in her room! Alyssa likes the guitar and lead vocals on her glitter microphone. I think we are going to have us some worship leaders one of these days!!!!!
Anyway, Aubrey also said "baby" the other day and I asked her if she wanted to go night night and she told me flat out , "no." and shook her head. Such a funny girl! She loves her babies now too. She hugs them and holds them close to her chest like the way I hold her and walks around cuddling them and kissing them. She gives good kisses now too, not the kind that are open mouthed anymore. She sticks out her bottom lip like she is making a sad face and that is how she gives her sweet little kisses! I can't believe she is about to be 1!!!!! The time with her has really flown by so fast!
Alyssa is a funny girl too...always singing. She was singing the song "Mighty to Save," the other day and she said "Savior, He can move the mattress." I told her that I think the word was mountain, not mattress but I bet Jesus could move a mattress too! Little cutie patootie! She gets sweeter by the day. She is good to her mama and her little sissy! I can already tell she is going to be protective of her, she already is! I pray often that they will be each other's best friends throughout life. That is one of the reasons I really wanted 2 girls back to back so that they would have each other to share life with! I love it! I never had a sister and always thought it was special the relationships that sisters had with each other. But then again, God gave me Savita, who is like my sister, but more like my best friend, next to Aaron and the girls! I am thankful for her in more ways than one!!! I am glad my brother snagged us such a good one!!! And I have always had my girls Kendra and Lindsey! I love them and am thankful for them too! They have always been special to me and close to my heart!!!!
Anyway, there isn't much change with me and Aaron. Things are good! He is as sweet as ever! I am so thankful that he has a job, even though he doesn't work as much as we would like or need. But thank the Lord for farming! It has saved us. I know a lot of people who have been laid off and I am just so thankful to God that Aaron has a job, and the farming! Even in a recession, people have to eat right!!! So we will farm on. He planted our onions and some potatoes already. We are praying that the freeze didn't get to them! Well, in conclusion, life is good, God is good, we are blessed, and I am thankful!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Tonight Aaron had IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City worship playing live. If you haven't ever checked out IHOP KC, it would be worth your while to do so. They are so amazing. Just really on fire for Jesus. It was started about 10 years ago by Mike Bickle and a few others. The Lord had laid it on their hearts to start a 24 hour prayer room. They organized prayer and worship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have continued it for the past 10 years. Amazing dedication and such a heart to pray for the nations and to just really truly know the character of Jesus and to really and truly know Him and love Him. They now have a school and internships that you can attend. They have over 200 nations that tune into their worship and teachings via television and internet. Anyway, Aaron's heart is there. He really has this longing to be there. The Lord really speaks to his heart through Mike Bickle and Allen Hood's teachings. I wouldn't doubt it one bit if we ended up there one day for some period of time in our lives. It really would be so amazing to have our children in a community of such passionate lovers of Jesus!
Anyway, the reason I started this blog was to tell about Alyssa and Aubrey. Alyssa started dancing to the music and said to me" I am dancing for Jesus." I am making him really happy!" Gosh the things that little 3 year old says sometimes about the Lord just amazes me. He speaks to their spirit just as much as He does ours. They are so pure and innocent, which enables them to be more sensative, in some cases, to the Holy Spirit! So awesome! We have so much to learn from them.
Then Aubrey blew me away. Aaron was holding her in a chair and watching the live worship on the computer and Aubrey pulled out her passifier and put both hands up in the air like she was praising him! She is 11 mos old and doesn't understand the words of the music, that I know of, and still knows what praise is. I don't think that is coninsidence, I think they are just so pure and innocent that that allows the spirit of God to really touch them and speak to them even when they are so small. There is a special place in the Lord's heart just for children and I believe He speaks to them in mighty ways and shows himself to them in huge ways. They experience God the same, if not more than we do! It is when we grow up and lose our innocence that complicates things with our relaitonship with Jesus. We start to question things and think that we can make our own decisions and live life the way WE want to. That is why the Lord tells us in the bible to come to him like little children, to have the faith of a child!!! That is pure and real and amazing!!!! Time and time again Alyssa has blown us away with her knowledge of the Lord and I know this is just the beginning for Aubrey! Patti and Terry Ramsey were praying for me when I was pregnant with Alyssa and Patti said that she felt like the Lord was saying that Alyssa was going to be a friend of God. She actually said her name was "Friend of God." In heaven, the Lord has a name for us all. I believe Alyssa's is Friend of God. What an awesome thought! I am praying that both of my girls are Friends of God. Anyway, even though Patti doesn't remember praying that prayer, I as a mother, will never forget that and I will always be believing that and praying that over all my children, that they will be Friends of God!

Old Friends

Today We had a baby shower for Dasha. She is so lucky to be having a little girl!!!! Girls are so fun! The shower was really small ... Just a few of us friends from high school that still get together once in a while. It is so great getting together with these girls. I love them all. Even though we don't see each other very much it always feels like we always pick up right where we left off before. Everyone is so different, most moms, some working girls. So different, but so the same. I love it! All those friends I fell in love with growing up, still have all those unique qualities that makes each one so awesome and special. It was me, Corey, Dasha, Kim, Ashley and Jennifer. Hollie ended up being sick, and Christy for some reason didn't make it --bummer! We missed them.
Anyway, we all just sat around chatting about old times, our birth experiences, and our families. Jennifer and I talked about all the times we hung out in junior high and had so much fun doing absolutely nothing and getting in trouble together all the time! We also talked a lot about where is so and so and what are they doing now kinds of things. It was really just what I needed. Old friends, laughing and hanging out. We decided we are going to plan an annual girls trip and I am in charge of planning a girls night sleepover at my house! Can't wait. We must all be more purposeful about hanging out more regularly. Dasha, bless her heart, tried really hard several years back to try and get everyone together more often, but then I think she gave up after a while. Now that we are 30, what? 30, and more seasoned, and settled, I think we should be more purposeful. I look forward to our next time together! Love them all! They are too much fun!