Friday, February 20, 2009

Sprinkles of Laughter and Embarrassment!

Today I went to workout, my usual daily routine, but with one more kid, my nephew Kyle. I have the pleasure of keeping him a couple times a week while his mom sleeps from working the night shift the night before. Well, all went well and I finished my workout and it was time to load the kids up and go home. I started to strap Aubrey in the carseat and I smelled a poopy diaper, so I had to change her in the car in the parking lot. Kyle and Alyssa played on a little patch of grass right by the car while I changed her. About a few seconds into it, I heard Kyle say, "I gotta pee." I said ok let me finish changing Aubrey and we will all go back inside and go. Well, a few seconds after that I hear Alyssa say, "Mom!!! Look at Kyle. He is peeing outside!" I turned around and the little guy had his pants pulled down around his ankles and he was peeing in a very wide open parking lot of the workout shopping center. Oh my gosh! I didn't know what to do. I was holding onto Aubrey's feet wiping poo off of her bottom and I couldn't move! My first thoughts were Oh my gosh I am going to get a ticket! I started looking around for cops or other people that might have seen. Thank goodness, if anyone did, they didn't say anything.
It was too funny after the embarrassment wore off! I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go!
I would say a perk of having 2 girls is that they don't just pull down there pants and pee anywhere they please, but that just wouldn't be true. Last summer Grammy and Grandad would always teach the kids if they were swimming outside and needed to pee, just to jump out and go in the grass. Well, that is fine and dandy when you live in the country. But my sweet little lady brought that lesson home with her. We were grocery shopping at Wal Mart one day, and Alyssa was riding in the back of the cart. When I turned around to grab a can of mushroom soup, she had pulled her pants down and was in a squatting position and was peeing all over my groceries in the cart. It dripped all over the floor and I had to go find some poor man that worked there and tell him the story so he could go mop it all up. Thanks Grammy and Grandad! Fun times!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For Valentines Day this year we kept it simple. When the girls woke up I had a small surprise on the table laid out of cinnamon toast popcorn. Alyssa had chocolate covered gummy bears and Aubrey had Valentine colored M&Ms, which she LOVED!
I made Aaron a big italian dinner that consisted of spaghetti, garlic toast, corn and salad, and then his favorite...peanut butter brownies. He showed up home from work and didn't forget about his 3 girls. I got a bouquet of pink Gerber Daisies, which are my favorite, and the girls got their own little bundle of pink carnations. It was so sweet. Alyssa walked around all day saying Happy Valentines Day!
We then proceeded to watch a really weird movie called The Princess. About 15 minutes into it I discovered that the lead character, the princess, was a girl I briefly went to high school with named Nora. I didn't really know her. I think she was only there for about a year, but Nilsa was frineds with her. Weird! I had seen her on a Tampax commercial a few years back, the one where the girl rolls in on her belly on a skateboard to steal a tampon. I guess she is moving up. Anyway, it wasn't special, but we had a good time as a family together! Romance will have to wait! I always feel guilty asking people to babysit on Valentines Day night, and I really don't want to have to pay someone to babysit and then pay to go out to dinner and a movie! Sometimes it is worth it, but gosh you would think that with all the family we have around here, we wouldn't have to pay for a babysitter! You would think that, wouldn't you?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dinnertime prayer

Tonight we were praying at the dinner table before supper and Alyssa interrupted Aaron as she usually does, and said no daddy I want to do it. She does this often and usually just says a little jibber jabber, but tonight she prayed a real and sincere prayer! We were blown away!
She said,"Dear Father God...Thank you for Jesus, and I pray for Nanny to get better, and for Mamaw. " It was so sweet. My mom had called us yesterday and told us she had the flu. I had told Alyssa she was sick and I hoped Mamaw didn't get it. Anyway, that girl just listens to everything and I know that God speaks to her sweet heart all the time.

Also Aubrey is so very smart. You can say....How old are you? And she will hold up her one finger and say,"Mon,"Which means one. Ok so I took her to the doctor yesterday for her one year checkup and she had to get shots and was crying. I was trying to distract her and said How old are you? Her doctor told me, and I quote,"If she can say one and hold up her finger, then that is way advanced for her age." Yes, I knew it, she is wise beyond her year.
She also will point to the person in our family when you ask her where they are. Today I was teaching her where her belly was and she was catching on to that too! I think in a couple of days she will know where her belly is undoubtedly!!!!