Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Controversial??????? Yes but so what!

I was just watching Diane Sawyer on ABC news and I got a little defensive. The topic was about trans racial adoptions. There was a young African American man on that had made a documentary about his struggle knowing his identity as a black man growing up in a white family. He said that he didn't feel that trans racial adoption was wrong, it was just hard. This I agree with. We are well aware of the trials with our child that we could face. But some "experts" were saying that it "wasn't right or fair" for white families to adopt children of different races specifically black babies. Now this is what bothers me. There are 147 million orphans in the world. I have recently read on another blog that in the US there are 7,000 couples waiting per 1 white American child and there are zero couples waiting to adopt an African American baby. Now I ask you "experts" this. What should we do? Do you really think we should do nothing because we are different? As I have stated before there are 6 million Ethiopian orphans. Do we as Caucasians ignore that because they don't look like us, or because we are from a different culture? That's not what my God says. My God has told us over and over that we will become color blind. He looks for families who are willing to love his children no matter their color. Remember the song " Jesus loves the little and yellow black and white. They are precious in His site." If we are to live our lives like Jesus, we are to love all. We are to become color blind.
Now I do realize that this was a story that was through the world's eyes and not God's eyes, but even still. Should we just ignore the need that these precious children need to be adopted simply because they aren't like us, or should we open our loving homes and give them a place where they will experience the unconditional love of a mother and father, and except and face the challenges as they come? To me that is complete nonsense to think that it would be better to just leave them be, that they would somehow be better off alone in the world than with a family who is different from them. That is unbelievable to me.
Aaron and I think it to be very important to keep our child's culture alive for that very reason. We want him to know where he came from and celebrate that. We desire for our child to be proud of who he is as a person. But as parents we will teach him that his true identity is in Jesus. That our son is a gift, different from us, but loved the same. That he has a purpose and a destiny and that God lovingly chose us to be his parents and give him the life that God has planned for him. We know there will be challenges, yes, but the good will by far outweigh the bad. Stop focusing on the negatives media and "experts" and focus on the fact that a child who has nothing or no one will be loved and well taken care of; and will have a family that loves them and will not be forgotten or overlooked because they are simply different.

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Meet the Jone's said...

AMEN to that Stacy!!!

Ignorance will always be around, but your faith and compassion in what you believe in will make it so much easier to handle :)

Love you!