Monday, July 27, 2009


The very random things that Alyssa is saying right now is cracking me up. She is so funny all the time. This is very random and I am really just blogging this so that I can look back on it and laugh, but tonight we were all laying on the bed and Alyssa was pretending she was making a cake and a salad. I was the cake and Aaron was the salad. She was stirring and patting and she moved over to Aaron and was making her salad on him and she patted him and said, 'there daddy, that's good, looks like a turd." We cracked up so hard. It was so random and funny. Alyssa got all embarrassed that we were laughing and played it off and said," I didn't say turd, I said potato." OK!
I LOVE my kids and how they make me laugh all the time! Now where they come up with these things is beyond me :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Melting Pot

Friday and Saturdays are our busiest days of the week so come Saturday night we are exhausted in the Reeves household, not really wanting to do much.
Well, this Saturday wasn't any different. The day was over and we were home, just lying around resting. My phone rang and a little tiny voice was asking me if Alyssa could stay all night. It was Emmy. Then sweet Savita got on the phone and asked what me and Aaron were doing, and asked if we wanted to go out. She said she would watch both girls for us. Even though we were super tired, this was so rare for us to be able to go out on a date on a Saturday evening in the middle of farming season, so we jumped at the chance. I think that was an answered prayer, because I had been praying for more quality time with Aaron.
We decided since we got to do this, we would go somewhere nice, so we went to the Melting Pot.
We had never been and loved it. The atmosphere was very romantic. We sat in our own little corner all cozy and close.
I ordered a blackberry margarita, which was yummy and tiny, but seemed to be super potent because my head was spinning after about half.
Then we ordered the feast so we could get the full on experience. First came the bread and veggies and apples to dip in the cheese sauce of our choice. I can't remember what cheese we got, but it was a little strong....good, but strong. Next came the salad, I got spinach and Aaron got the house. Mine was better. Then came the main course. Ok so I had no idea that they brought the meat to you raw. I looked at it and was thinking to myself 'oh my gosh, this meal is so expensive and I am not going to eat it,' not realizing that it cooked in the little pot of boiling herbs. I thought it was just for dipping. I told you I was a little tipsy from the margarita, so it took me a while to get it. I was pretty relieved when I figured out I didn't have to eat raw chicken. So that was fun. I made Aaron cook it longer than the waiter suggested but it was good. That course consisted of beef tenderloin, chicken, pork, shrimp, dumplings, filet mignon, and veggies. Then came the last course....drum roll..........the snicker chocolate sauce with peanut butter and bailys and cream served with rice crispy treats, brownies, strawberries and bananas, cheese cake, and marsmallows covered in oreos crumbs and graham cracker crumbs all bite sized of course so we could dip them in that heavenly sauce. We left there stuffed and feeling a little recharged and reconnected.
It was a good time! We are thankful to Savita for letting us do that and thankful to God for putting in on her heart to ask us.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

4th of July this year was a lot of fun for us. We spent the evening at Steve and Savitas.
Before I go into that I have to say that I got really lucky at Veal's fireworks stand and won a hundred dollars worth of fireworks. You had to be there to win, so me and mom and the girls just walked down from her house and went and stood with about 20 other folks who were hoping their number would be called. They called about 4 numbers until they called mine. I just stuck my hand up and said oh that's me! I felt all the disappointed glares from all the other people there. It was just silence, and so AWKWARD! No congratulations or anything. Just awkward silence . I felt excited and really bad at the same time.
Anyhow the Veals were nice enough to give me all those free fireworks that we then had to carry back to moms house also carrying Aubrey and holding Alyssa's hand at the same time. We made it though.
Back to the Gilbert's house. They had a bouncy house waterslide that the kids had a total blast on. The kids had hotdogs, and chef Steve, who is a great cook, grilled fajitas and brauts for the adults and we had all kinds of chips and dips and desserts. My absolute favorite thing in the world to do is to watch all the kids having fun and laughing. I walked around to the side of the house at one point and Alyssa was laughing so loud and hard I could hear her from where I was. Most of the night I just sat back and watched them eating watermelon, and sliding down that big waterslide and playing with smoke bombs, sparklers and roman candles.
It was a blast. We didn't get home until 11:30, which is late for us and our kiddos :)
At one point in the night there was the little boy about Alyssa's age that was there and I was listening to their cute!!!!!! Jaden said "I am scared of those firecrackers. " Alyssa said "well I'm not scared." Jaden: "Why aren't you scared?" Alyssa: "I'm just not scared. Here hold my hand and I will show you there is nothting to be scared of."
It was the sweetest thing!!!!! We watched them walk hand and hand as Alyssa led him down to the truck with fireworks and he said he wasn't afraid anymore. All the moms were getting up grabbing the cameras for the cute kodak moment. My battery had died by then . I don't know if anyone caught it on camera or not. I was so very proud of my sweet little girl!
It was a very relaxing and chill night! It was great! We so needed that. Especially Aaron.