Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hair cut

Today I took Alyssa to get her hair trimmed, and on a whim I decided I would cut Aubrey's bangs and trim her hair. So she got her first haircut today and the poor sweet girl cried hard the entire time. And...I'm not sure if we are going to keep the bangs. She has a callick and they have that split in the middle and never go all the way across her head. It's very cute, because she is very cute. We could shave her head completely and she would still be a doll.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"I doubt it"

Last night when I got home from shopping, Aaron and the girls were watching a TBN version of the life of Jesus. It was funny to me because Jesus spoke with an English accent. I was holding Aubrey and I looked at Aaron and said jokingly, ' so do you think Jesus spoke with an English accent?' Aubrey as clear as day looked up at me and said "I doubt it."
It was one of those moments where you wondered if you heard her right. We about fell over laughing, so of course she realized she made us laugh and started saying over and over " I doubt it." "I doubt it."
That girl is something else!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little shocked!

Last night I was in the kitchen making hamburgers, and I heard this very loud popping noise that sounded like a cap gun being shot. Then I hear crying and screaming. So I run in the hallway and Alyssa is standing in front of the elecrtical outlet that is now black, and she is holding my keys in her hand. She stuck those keys in that electrical hole! I couldn't believe it!
She was fine, but I started crying because.... I don't know why.....maybe I was just PMSing, maybe because it just shook me a little bit.
She started saying "mom, I'm ok. I don't have to go to the doctor." I told her that I don't think we have to go to the doctor.
She looked up at me and said, "Mom, did I just get shot."
I told her 'no sweetie you just got shocked.'
Aaron was sitting there and he said, "Well, now at least I hope she learned her lesson." (So sensative . LOL)
Actually now I learned my lesson. I have to put those plastic cover things over the holes. I have in the past, but somehow that drew more attention to the holes and the girls would end up flicking them out. I will be more persistent now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 2 cents

I am going to be so bold as to give my 2 cents about the new movie that is out " The Princess and the Frog." Alyssa has been wanting to see it since the previews have first started showing, so I took her to see it. I have to say that I was extremely disappointed and Alyssa wasn't very impressed with it either. I felt that they emphasized and almost glorified voo doo and satanism in this movie. In the past I have had some "religious" views about movies and was a little over the top about things, and not watching certain movies. I was anti Harry Potter, but since then God has done some works in me and my opinions have changed about what I will let my kiddos watch. i am still careful, but not over the top anymore. I have become a little more relaxed, but this one was just plum blatant about it. The voo-doo man in the movie often refers to "asking for help from his friends from the other side." Then it shows demonic shadows coming out of the walls and ground, and giving him these supernatural powers. He actually called on his "friends from the other side" for help. There are parts where they take the blood of the prince and the character wears it in a voodoo vile around his neck to conjur up the powers of these evil spirits. At several different times they take a voodoo doll and start to poke it with pin. There is fortune telling with tarot cards, and at one point the voodoo man speaks out that if you destroy his vile of blood, he won't be able to work out of the powers from his friends from the other side. He at one point promises the souls of many people as payment for help from these demonic shadows. Of course Disney cutesied it up a bit, but there were some evil things demonstrated in this movie that I felt was unnecessary in a children's movie, and it almost seemed to be intentional because of the amount of detail they put into it.
It's a shame that they had to do that. I thought it was weird.....reminded me of the time Disney was putting X rated things hidden in their movies. I know that was true, and not hearsay...I have "The Little Mermaid" movie with a big penis detailed in on the top of the King's castle on the cover. Just as clear as daylight. Makes you wonder who it is that is creating these movies for our kiddos to watch, and how easy it is for them to hide or slip in underlying messages or profanity.

What's on my heart tonight

Sometimes I grow so very tired of people not getting the bigger picture. I know "the bigger picture" just can't be "gotten," it has to be given to you by the holy spirit himself, and you have to be in a place to receive it as well. You have to have your own God Experience. Then once you have it, it's like oh my gosh....I can see everything so very clearly now. I was truly blind but now I can see it. Sounds kind of like a Christian cliche', but my gosh...I can't stress how true and real that it is. I can oftentimes forget that others haven't received the awesome gift of the "bigger picture." I don't often try to conversate with people about spiritual things if they aren't at a place of understanding. I'm not talking about preaching, I'm talking about a discussion, because I know that it's just going in one ear and out the other. Sometimes I will slip, because passion will take over, and I'll just end up so frustrated at how easily ignored the conversation becomes and how quickly people change the subject. Deep down I know there isn't an understanding for them, and there may be some discomfort, but at the time it just feels like I am being brushed off and I end up so frustrated. I want to shout...'Oh my gosh this is so important, why aren't you getting this!' But I shut up as Aaron just whispers to me," They don't get it, just drop it." Such a hard thing to do when you have a grasp of the "bigger picture," and you are passionate about something and you have no one that you can discuss it with without them looking at you like you are crazy. I have friends with the same passions as me I can conversate with, but sometimes the people that I am closest to don't have a clue as to the things that matter most to us and the amazing things God is doing in our lives, because we can't talk to them about it. Don't take this email the wrong way. We are not so much higher and mightier and more spiritual than anyone else. This is simply a huge part of our lives that some people close to us know a very small amount of details about, or want to for that matter. All I'm saying is it's just hard to keep quiet and to keep light conversations about a subject that is so deep and so profound, and that is THE most important thing in your life, because the people around you don't want to hear about it. They don't ever say,"I don't want to hear about it." They just brush it off quickly and change the subject, and I wind up with my panties in a wad until God whispers to me or Aaron whispers to me that they haven't yet gotten the bigger picture.
My very wise farmer husband is always talking in parables like Jesus and reminds me that you have to have good soil to plant the seeds. If the soil isn't ready the seed won't take root and grow. This is very easy to forget when I don't have my spiritual glasses on and I'm letting personal feelings and my emotions come in.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Poop Wars

This morning my house is filled with the aroma of poop. I had Kyle in one bathroom saying, "Aunt Stacy, I'm pooping," and Alyssa in another, "Mom, I'm done, come wipe me." Then 2 from little Aubrey. Then I had to break up a yelling match between Kyle and Alyssa that went something like this:
Alyssa : "Kyle my poop was really big."
Kyle :" No my poop was bigger Alyssa. It went to the sky."
and so on.....It ended with me saying 'ok, ok...both your poops were really big and smelly,now stop arguing over it,' as I was wiping Aubrey's little behind.

Oh the joys of motherhood...I am pooped out, and think that this calls for some Scentsy candles and some me time. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Out sick

This morning I woke up to Alyssa throwing up in my bed. She felt fine afterwards, but I still made her stay home from Pre-school. She was a little upset about that. She kept saying, "Mom, I'm so not sick. I only threw up."LOL! Plus, Aunt Savita is having an after school Christmas party for her girls and some friends today and she invited Alyssa to come over. So all morning long, about a thousand times Alyssa has asked me if she can still go to the Christmas party. I told her the same answer about a thousand times. 'If you don't throw up again, and if Aunt Savita says it's ok, then you can go.' So we will see what happens today. I am just praying no one else gets this bug. She is acting totally normal.
Well, on a different note: Alyssa is completely obsessed with wearing tank tops at home. She doesn't want to wear anything else to bed or around the house lounging. I blame my neice Emmy for that one, because Alyssa wants to do everything like Emmy and Emmy wants to wear tank tops all the time too :) So we were going through our clothes and toys to donate to the Arc of Texas, and Alyssa told me, "Mom, we have to give these clothes and toys to kids that don't have money." I said that's right. She said, "Well, we don't have to give them all my tanktops, but I will give them a little bit." Made me giggle a little bit. How sweet of her to be willing to give up her cherished tanktops.
So we were in her room and I said 'you look and sound like you are feeling better. I think you need to clean your room.' She looked up at me with her pitiful blue eyes and said as serious as could be..."Well, when I clean my room, that's what makes me sick." I said really? Cleaning your room makes you sick,' and I started to laugh. And she yelled back at me"Mom, it's not funny, and it's true it does make me sick. I might throw up."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our first Family of 4 vacation!

This past week we went on our first ever family vacation with all 4 of us to Branson, Missouri! We had gone to Sea World with Alyssa when I was pregnant with Aubrey, but this was our first official one with all of us! I know what you may be thinking....why Branson? It's just all old people. Well, we don't mind old people and learned on this trip that we LOVE hanging out where old people hang! They are always friendly and fun, and so easy to talk to, and never wake us up in the middle of the night playing loud music and cussing in front of our kiddos. And my girls loved the attention they got from all of them. Alyssa didn't meet a stranger the whole trip. She talked up a storm to every cute elderly couple that would lend her their ear. We left our house at about 6:30 Saturday night and decided we would drive half way to make it easier on the girls. We drove for about 3 and-a-half hours and stopped at a little Comfort Inn and got our Postal Workers discount and stayed the night there. Woke up at about 7:30 and had some complimentary pastries and went on our way. We got about 15 miles up the road when I realized that Aaron has left his cell phone and we had to drive back :) That was fun :)
Ok so we had the cell phone and coffee and nothing but the car and the wind to take us onward! We had no agenda, no plan, we were just going to do whatever we felt like that day.
It took us about another 4 hours to get there. We arrived at our lake-side condo...The Village at Indian Point, and was pleasantly surprised. It was nestled in the woods surrounded by trees, right on Lake TableRock. Our condo was very nice...had a balcony that overlooked the lake, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, and washer and drier. It was basically a rustic outdoorsy apartment!
While we were there we went to Silver Dollar City, twice, went fishing, pretended we were Goonies in a cave and went exploring, went shopping, went to see the Warnock sisters in their show, went to a 2 mile Christmas light display, visited Santa, went to Bass pro shops, visited Big Cedar lodge and went to the horse stables, took the girls to an indoor game center, watched movies, ate lots of good food, went spotlighting for deer, and just enjoyed the outdoors and enjoyed our time together. We lauged a lot and really just enjoyed not having an agenda everyday. It was very laid-back and pleasant. A vacation for us together was so overdue and much needed. I feel like we reconnected as a family. It was wonderful! Next time we will be staying at the Big Cedar Lodge, which was breathtakingly beautiful, and an outdoorsman's dream. There were deer everywhere. Our last night there, we wanted to do something fun for the the girls, so we bundled up and went out spotlighting for deer. We found 9 deer in 20 minutes! They got a kick out of that! On the way home, we stopped and ate at Braums. The girls did an amazing job! Aaron and I were both very impressed with them. Not one time on the 8 hour trip home or up there, did they complain or whine. The DVD player in our pathfinder helped with that! If you don't have one of those, it is worth the investment for long roadtrips with your kiddos! Today Aaron had to go back to work and I miss him so much! I got use to him being there 24/7 with us and it was nice!
Words cannot describe how very blessed I feel to have the husband that I have and the kids that I have! I love them with all my heart and am so grateful to God for them. They are so precious to me. I hope I never take them for granted!

Out of town and look what happens.

We went on a wonderful family vacation, which I am going to blog about next after this, but first I just had to say this.... We don't buy all organic stuff because it is too expensive, and with Aaron being a farmer, we have learned that "organic" isn't what it use to be :) but we do buy organic milk. With the big amount of growth hormones that are injected in cows, we feel it's important to at least buy organic milk for the girls. I won't go into all the details of the what the research says, but that's not my point. The point is that when we got home from our vacation last night, I went to Wal Mart to purchase some standard things such as milk and bread. I went to grab a gallon of the organic milk that we usually buy and it had gone up to $7.50 a gallon. I about fell over. It was already high! I couldn't bring myself to buy the whole gallon. I just paid the $3.50 for the half gallon :( I guess I will be making my way over to Braums. I was informed by a friend that Braum's wholesome milk is less than half the price of organic, and it isn't certified organic milk, but it is "all natural with no hormones added. I just wish there was a Braums a little closer....wait a I don't. That would be dangerous :) I LOVE Braums!