Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super Congrats!

Tonight we were dropping our kids off at children's church and we ran into our new friends, the Medina's. The Medina's have 2 boys of their own and are in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. They have been in process for over a year now, and were waiting, waiting, waiting on their referral. So every single time I would see them I would ask Kendra..."did you get your referral?" Well tonight they got their precious referral! All of their long paperchasing and waiting had paid off, and I was so excited and happy for them I couldn't stand it. I was also feeling a very weird emotion that at first I didn't recognize, like an urgency to get the ball rolling with our adoption even more. It made me even more ready to see my son's face. I think the feeling I felt was just a longing for that. Oh Lord, please make it quick. Thinking that I have to wait so long hurts my heart.
I went to the car tonight and just cried. Aaron and I were both surprised by how we felt seeing that they had gotten their absolutely beautiful referral. I can't even imagine the joy we will feel when we get to see our own son's face for the first time. I just can't wait! It truly is more than an excitement. It's grown into more than just knowing that I'm adopting and preparing for it. This is my son we're talking about and that feels real to me. It's a longing that sometimes hurts a little and makes me sick to my stomach. I wish I could just get on a plane right now. I wish we had all of our funds right now and could breeze through the paperwork as quickly as possible. I wish the process were shorter......I wish, I wish, I wish. But I know that God's timing will be perfect and I trust Him.
So congratulations Medina family! We are so very very happy for you, and I personally cannot wait to see your precious girl and hold her and hug her! This gives us such hope!

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