Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mind overload

I haven't updated on anything this week because I have sort of been overloaded with lots of decisions to make coming up. It's been a tough and overwhelming week, and I kind of allowed those feelings of worry and doubt to creep in, but not no more! God is so faithful to bring His peace and encouragement. Thank you to all my friends that spoke those life giving words to me this week :)
This morning I am thankful for my sweet family, wonderful friends, this great ONE LIFE we get to live, and God's amazing love and guidance.
I am also starting to read a new book..."Crazy Love, " by Fancis Chan. I can't wait to see what I learn :)


Jen said...

Hope the end of this week has been great! Can't wait to hang out with everyone tomorrow night!

Oh, and I don't know what decisions you are making but I just wanted to tell you that this adoption is so exciting to me! Adoption is definitely on the heart of our God and I know He is so pleased with ya'll as you walk in this!

April said...

Praying for you!! I am so glad you loved my cake recipe, and I hope the pie is great as well...enjoy..I have to say adoption has changed my life in so many ways, wonderful ways, and I am so blessed to have walked that road..if you want an invite to my blog let me know, besides my recipe blog for friends and family I have a family blog...