Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fish City

Last night after soccer practice, we were in the car driving trying to decide where we were going to go eat dinner. I said how about Pei Wei or Fish City? Alyssa says, innocently and not knowing the funny nature of her words..."No, not fishshitty." It was so funny Aaron and I busted out laughing. She said what are yall laughing at, and I told her I was just laughing at daddy being silly. Then she said it again...."I don't want to go to fishshitty." This time, almost tears, we were laughing so hard. She didn't know what she was saying, or why we were laughing, if she did, she would have gotten vinegar in her mouth for saying bad words :) Anyway, we ended up going to Pei Wei and now the beloved Fish City will forever be to us "Fishshitty."

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