Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's new???

You may have been asking yourself...what's new with that Reeves bunch...then again, you may have not been, but I will tell you anyhow.
It's been a couple of weeks since my last entry and since then farming has ended. It was a challenging year at times, but a great year! God is taking care of us in more ways than one!
To wind it all down, Aaron had to call some of his customers and explain that we were ending the season for this year. A lot of our customers are Asian. Some of them are hard to understand and Aaron has to talk slow so they can understand him sometimes. As I was listening to him talk, I got tickled because he started talking with a spanish accent real slow. When he got off the phone, I asked him if it helped at all for his Asian customers to understand him better if he talked with a Spanish accent. He started laughing and said he didn't realize he was doing it. So funny! I think working with all his workers who are Mexican, he has developed a habit of speaking with a spanish accent when he talks to anyone who has trouble speaking English! Cracks me up!
Anyhow....things have been great since the season has ended. We are together more often, and starting to get close again and laugh more as a family. Don't misunderstand me, farming doesn't make us miserable, it just takes away a lot of freedom, especially since Aaron has another job as well, and it is so good to have that freedom back!
Aaron at times has a hard time letting go. He had planted a late patch of squash, that we aren't needing to harvest anymore, and at totally random times like in the middle of watching a movie or 2 minutes before dinner, he will say.."I think I am going to go pick some squash."
I have to remind him to let it go for now. That's where his passion is and he loves it, and he doesn't really know how to sit still. One of these days soon, I think he will be a full time farmer. We just need to find some land and build a house on it, so we can be right there!
Also new...I have lost 24 pounds now doing Slim 4 Life! I weigh less now that I have in 5 years and feel so free. Trying so hard to lose that weight and working out as hard as I was, was consuming my every thought and my emotions....poor Aaron! I was miserable, which in turn made him miserable. Now all I can say is that I am thankful to be free from those feelings and Aaron feels like he got a new wife.
Monday was mine and Aaron's 7 year anniversary. He totally surprised me and had a bouquest of bright colored Gerber daisies delievered to the door. They were so beautiful! They are my absolute favorite colorful and perfect looking...just a happy little flower! He also took me out last night to the Neuhaus cafe. If you don't know what Neuhaus is, it is the WORLD's BEST chocolate. I haven't indulged in any since I worked at Neimans and was pregnant with Alyssa, so he decided I deserved to indulge. The very sad part was that they didn't have my favorite chocolate in yet, because it isn't cold enough outside here. They are Belgian shipped and contain real cream and in order for them to be so delicious and wonderfully blissful, it has to be a certain temperature here to carry them....BUMMER! My favorite by the way is a white chocolate truffle that is filled with light walnut cream with a dark chocolate "N" on the top of it! I can't think of the name, but it should be called " Little piece of Heaven and worth every single calorie truffle." It is the BEST thing I have ever put in my mouth, and I am not a HUGE chocolate person. Anyway, it was a wonderful night, and I am so very blessed to have such a sweet sweet sweet and wonderful husband! How did I ever get so lucky!


Keeping up with The Jones' said...

You look so good Stacy!! !Way to stay motivated!!! LOVE YOU!

Stacy said...

Thanks Hollie! You're so sweet!
Love u too!