Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Piggies!

This morning I painted Aubrey's toenails hot pink for the first time! First of all, I have to say that she already has the cutest ever tiny toes I have ever seen! Now they are even cuter :) I had to use the quick dry nail polish, because she kept trying to touch them. She is so funny! She was smiling from ear to ear and kept saying "cute toes" "pretty." We went on some errands and I put tennis shoes on her and when we got home I took them off. The first thing she saw was her pink toes! She just walks around looking at them smiling repeating "cute toes; pretty." I love her so much! She is too sweet and cute for words! Ohhhhh it's the little things that bring me joy!
Oh, and her newest words are I love you. She says " I wub oo." and if we say it first she says "too." Which is her I love you too! She is still the biggest ever cuddle bug on the face of the planet and I love every second of it. She will give me the longest ever hugs and lay her head on my shoulder and pat my back or cup the back of my head and then she will look at me and give me the sweetest kiss! She has such a sweet, sweet tender heart. Just now, she walked up to me and asked me if I was ok. she said "Kaaaay?" I said I'm ok, and she walked off. It's so funny to me to have her talk to me with such concern on her face. Such a tiny person and such a big sweet heart!

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