Monday, September 14, 2009


This morning I took the girls with me to the grocery store to get ingredients to make my dad (Grandad) a cake. Today is his birthday. Yesterday was Aaron's dad's (Papa) birthday. So we were walking into the store and Alyssa said are we going to make Grandad and Papa birthday cakes. I said no, just Grandad. And she told me that we need to make Papa one too b/c his birthday was yesterday. I explained to her that we couldn't make Papa a cake because he is diabetic and can't eat very much sugar. Of course she was so concerned asking me all kinds of questions, like what does that mean? and What will happen to him? I just told her that a lot of sugar isn't very good for any of us, but if Papa eats too much he will get sick, so we should do something different for him instead of making him a cake.
Alyssa says to me"Mom, I have that too." I asked her what? and she said"I also have diarreah when I eat too much sugar." I said no, not diarreah, it's called diabetic. She said "no mom, it's called diarreah. It's when you eat too much sugar and you poop it out." I giggled and said oh, ok I see. I guess that could happen too :)

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