Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday, Aaron and the girls and myself were driving around looking for farmland to purchase and we lost track of time. Alyssa had soccer practice at 5:00 and she wasn't ready. It is an ordeal putting those shin guards and huge socks on, so we stopped at my mamaw's to change her, b/c we were in the neighborhood. My mamaw just turned 90 this year and Linda Fort had made her a photo album of her past and present. On the cover of it there was a picture of Mamaw...Oleta Lorraine Phennel, in her 20's and then one of her now. Well, Alyssa was looking at it and said "that is a good picture of my mom." Me and Aaron and Mamaw started laughing, and I told her that is not me, that is a picture of Mamaw when she was young. She said ,"no mom, that's you....look at the lips. Those are your lips." I said no, that is Mamaw when she was young. Oh my goodness!!!! Alyssa lost it. She had a MAJOR meltdown! She started crying and screaming, "Why are you lying to me? Look at the lips. That is you. I know that is you. Why are ya'll telling me that?" We couldn't help but laugh, which only made her more upset, so we stopped saying anything. We couldn't convince her otherwise. She wouldn't believe that that was a picture of Mamaw for anything. Later when she cooled off, I tried explaining again that it was Mamaw and not me, and she got upset all over again. It was too funny! I never thought I looked like my Mamaw in her younger years, but apparently I did to Alyssa. That's ok with me. Mamaw was a little hottie!

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