Friday, August 7, 2009

VBS at New Hope

This year was Alyssa's first year to go to VBS. We go to New Hope Christian Church in Wylie where we live and love it there. The staff is awesome...and the youth and children's church ministries are the best! I have to say....I wasn't expecting it to be such a big deal as it was!
I remember going to VBS at Church of Christ in Princeton, and I LOVED it. I still remember all the songs and I remember Terry Jackson, the pastor at the time, leading worship with the puppets...and I remember my Memaw serving me iced animal crackers and Kool-aid in a dixie cup, and doing crafts. It was great, but compared to New Hope, it was small potatoes.
They had the whole entire church decorated so stinkin cute! The theme was "Crocodile Dock." They had a scene on the stage set up that looked like a crocodile swamp with a boat and a fisherman, and they had all crocodile dock characters hung up all over the walls. It was so cute! All the kids wore their same little green tshirts the whole week! Every night Alyssa came home singing a new song and telling me what she learned about Jesus., and every day she kept asking me when was it going to be time to go to VBS again, so I know she was having a good time and looking forward to it everyday.
Well, tonight was our last night and we, the parents, got to come a little early and listen to each age group sing a different song. I am kicking myself now because I wasn't prepared. If I had known how stinkin cute it was going to be, I would've taken my camera and video camera and invited a few people to come the grandparents.
All the kids did such a great job, but Alyssa shined so bright to me! I actually thought she would be a little shy and be the one that wasn't singing but was trying to find me in the crowd, but she surprised both me and Aaron. She sang so good and danced so good! You should've seen her! I couldn't have been prouder! I'm real emotional when it comes to my kiddos... I was so proud I couldn't stand it and started to tear up. I had to fight not to cry! Sometimes I just get this HUGE sense of pride and joy of being a mom that I just can't contain it, and it often comes out as tears! Sappy I know but true. This was one of those moments. It was a night I will always remember for the rest of my life. Such a precious little memory of my sweet Alyssa singing with overexaggerated expressions on her face and dancing to the song.."I get down...He lifts me up" by the Newsboys!
I LOVED every second of it! I was soooo born to be a momma!
I am thankful to all the workers and volunteers and teenagers that gave up their evenings this week to pour into my child and love on all the kids! So thankful!

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