Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aubrey is saying small sentences!

I just wanted to update a couple of things Aubrey is saying now. First she calls Alyssa "Lilla" and Lucy, our dog "Sussy." She will be standing in the hallway and Alyssa will be in another room and she will be shouting, "Lilla, Lilla." It is soooo stinkin cute! Then of course she yells at me "EAT" when she is hungry. The other day she crawled up in her highchair by herself and was literally yelling at me "EAT. EAT." Yesterday she was saying it and I said ready to eat and she told me "Ready." Later she said "Ready to eat." She probably is saying more than I think because she is catching me off guard most of the time....I think to myself, did she just say that?
Last night Aaron was holding her and Alyssa in the rocking chair and Alyssa was crying. Aubrey looked over at her and patted her on her arm and said "It's ok." Aaron said did you just say it's ok? And she smiled and said it again. This morning Kyle was here and she said, "hi Kydle." Sweet, funny girl!
Some of the other funny things she does is say "WOW" and if we drive over a bump in the car she says, very animated, "WHOA!" I could go on, but as I am typing this she is hollering at me "EAT." So I better go feed her. We slept late this morning.....late breakfast.

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