Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missing him

Well, everyone, it is official. I am really ready for farming season to be over. I MISS MY HUSBAND. I see him often enough, but we don't have the time for quality time and our schedule is all based around deliveries and trips to Dallas and Ft. Worth and to the farm. When we do see each other it has been a little tense, never really being able to relax and have much fun together. We never have a full day off together. I really and truly do not want to sound ungrateful. I can hear Aaron's voice ringing in my head right now...'don't be negative.' That is not it all! I know that I couldn't stay home without this business, and I know this is a HUGE blessing and way that God takes care of us. It is just such hard work and takes a lot of sacrifices to run a small business like ours. I also know that when God calls you to do things, it's not always easy and does take time and sacrifices and lots of hard work. You have to sometimes pay the price to reap the benefit! This year has been strange and has felt hard. We had a couple of people trying to get their hands in the business and threaten us a little bit, which we think is just all talk, and we know God is on our side, but it still shakes your nerves a little. I am so thankful to God for this and for providing for us, and I am grateful for my hardworking husband and my dad who helps us out tremendously. I am just ready to relax a little, to have a more flexible schedule and to be able to plan family outings and vacations together, which none would be at all possible without the farming. I am ready for our focuses to be on each other and our kids and the plans God has for us with this 24 hour prayer thing. I look forward to waking up with my husband and having breakfast with him. Thank you Lord for Reeves Family Farm, and thank you for the down time that we are about to receive soon as well. Finish out this season as long as you know we need it. I know you know how much we need. You are our provider. Thank you Lord! We give it to you. It's all in your hands...thank goodness!

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