Monday, April 26, 2010


For the last month, I have mentioned that we were waiting on some answers from God for some changes we were praying about, and we have finally decided the road which we feel God has placed before us on our adoption journey. The whole story is kind of cool! Before I sent in our application fee to Gladney, I had a feeling not to send it. I didn't know if this was God nudging me not to, or my nerves. I was semi-convinced it was my nerves so I went ahead and mailed it in. WRONG! It was God :) I wish that still small voice would sometimes yell at me :) Since I didn't listen, He sent me a friend, one day later. This new friend is a missionary through YWAM and she also goes to our church. She called me and asked me to consider going on a mission trip to Ethiopia in June to work with an agency...Ehtiopia YWAM, who are partnered with CHI, and witness what this ministry team is doing in the lives of these orphans, and to see and love on these sweet children they were taking care of. This new friend of ours, started telling me how awesome this ministry was and how they had favor with the Ethiopian government. Her father was already there volunteering through his ministry, Streams of Mercy, and she informed me of their blog. My husband and I started reading their blog and stories of them saving these babies was inspiring, and we were blown away with their hearts for orphans and widows. Also, we have many many relationships with friends and church family who are all tied to YWAM.
So we started praying. I went out and got my passport and was ready to go to Ethiopia. We really thought I was suppose to go. About a week ago, we started feeling like this wasn't the right time for me to go. We started thinking that the money spent on the trip could go towards our adoption fund. BUT we believed I was handed this opportunity to highlight this particular agency for us. So in saying all that. I'm a little sad that I couldn't go on this trip, but am really thrilled that God didn't let us get too far with Gladney, before correcting us to the way He was leading us to go. As of yesterday, we officially switched agencies. It had nothing at all to do with anything Gladney had done wrong. They were great and extrememly helpful. It was simply God saying this is where I want you to go. We believe there is a specific child out there for us, and also a later opportunity with all the connections we have to go on future mission trips with this wonderful ministry. So there you have it, in case you were waiting and wondering. We took our time with the prayer before making anymore split decisions.
Also, stay tuned for a raffle on my blog very soon. We need quite a bit of money just to get started ,so we are going to raffle off a beautiful cross my husband made. He has such a talent for taking a piece of wood from a hollowed out oak tree and making a spectacular rugged cross out of it to hang on YOUR wall. Do me a favor, when you see the post about the raffle, please help spread the word. We would be so grateful!


Meliski said...

Just found your blog on a link from the YWAM site! Welcome to to the YWAM family! I can't wait to read all about your road to your next child! You can read about ours at

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I completely understand your decision, but I'm sad you aren't going with Gladney only because we are!!

Blessings as you go to bring home your baby!