Monday, April 5, 2010

So we wait!

We are in a praying and waiting to hear from God point in our adoption. There are some big changes we are praying and thinking about, but we don't want to make any moves until we get a big fat YES! Let me clarify, this doesn't mean we are changing our minds, this just means we are rethinking our first steps. That desire to adopt is stronger than ever! We have been presented with some pretty amazing new opportunities, and we just want to make sure this is the way to go before we move.
This is why I haven't updated on the adoption publicly lately. I really haven't had the words. My heart has been too heavy. It honestly has been so very frustrating to want something so badly and have such a deep deep desire for something, and then God says...."Wait, there's something else...." There is that one opportunity that I mentioned, but there is this other part, that is still uncertain of what He is wanting us to wait on. Did that make sense? We know we are for sure called, we just don't know what it is going to look like totally. But we do know His timing is perfect. And we don't want to do it any way other than His way.
In saying this though, my heart hurts. I am SOOOOO ready to get started and SOOOOOO ready to be a mama to a hurting baby that needs to feel the love of a mom and dad. Just to let anyone who doubts know, this isn't some crazy idea that we have come up with. This is real, something that we think about a thousand times a day, something we pray with our kids about everyday, a true hurt that we feel on a daily basis, sort of like a hole....feels like something missing. It's a burden and a passion. It's so important to us. We are forever changed! It's hard to explain unless you have felt it. Please be in prayer for clear direction and for provision for us. That would be so awesome and appreciated!
I will post the changes I mentioned above when we reach a definite decision.

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