Monday, January 4, 2010

So very Blessed

Tonight Aaron and me and the girls spent some time worshipping and dancing in the living room. I had just bought a new worship CD by Kari Jobe. If you have never heard of her, you should check her out. Her voice is so beautiful and her songs are very worshipful. I find it easy to let everything fade away so that it is just me and Jesus in the room when I'm listening to her.
Anyway, that's basically what we did. At first it was fun. We were slow dancing with each other and dancing with the girls. At one point I looked over and Alyssa and Aubrey were slow dancing in an embrace, copying me and Aaron...SO CUTE!
Then we sat back and just watched the girls dance. They were so very precious. I just had an overwhelming indescribale blessed feeling. I knew in that moment that these are THE BEST days of my life. So many days I get caught up in housework, and messes, and laundry and tantrums that I forget how AMAZINGLY blessed I am. I have this awesome husband who loves Jesus with his whole heart, who is THE absolute nicest and best person I know. There are true times when I don't feel like I deserve him. But that's just how awesome God is! He thought I deserved him, so he gave me Aaron. Then I have these 2 beautiful healthy sweet as could be little girls, who besides Aaron are the best gifts I have ever been given. Again what an amazing God to feel that I deserved to be blessed with the wonderful job of being Alyssa and Aubrey's mom.
I just took in the moment and thought of how fleeting these times are! How precious they are, and how short this one life is that we are given.
I just felt like God was sort of opening my eyes to things that we all as Americans can take for granted. We get so caught up in this busy, fast paced, "things focused" world we live in, that we can forget about or take for granted the important things and the most amazing lives we get to live!
So I was so grateful for that moment of awakening....that precious visit from the Lord in my living room. I am so truly thankful to God for my awesome family He has allowed me to have, and I am so very grateful also for God's presence and His peace that comes like rain when I least expect it. I look forward to more in 2010. My heart is to be more "others focused" in 2010. It's gonna start with my husband and my kids :)
Also, on a side note, Aaron and I signed up to go on the marriage encounter with New Hope at the end of January. At first I was reluctant...didn't want to have to face any problems or bring up things that needed to be worked on, but now I am so very excited! I know something good is going to happen. We have been to several literally life changing encounters before, and I am very excited to go to one that focuses on marriages. I can't wait! It will be a great start to 2010 for Aaron and myself that will for sure filter on down to our girls :)

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