Monday, January 25, 2010

Market Street

Every time I visit Market Street stores I feel the need to blog about it, so today I have decided to do so. I just have to say that every visit to Market Street is consistently pleasant. I think I notice these things because I grew up in grocery stores and worked retail most of my life until I had Alyssa. I enjoy grocery shopping in places like Market Street and Central Market and Whole Foods. I enjoy looking at all the beautiful, artistic produce displays and the way they set their stores up. The way you display your products makes a huge difference for enticing the shoppers to buy that product. Market Street just has a really nice set-up. The workers are always super friendly and helpful. Every person I pass that is working there makes it a point to look up and say hi and ask how your day is going. There are always smiles on their faces, and they ALWAYS carry your bags out to your car and load them up for you. Each person that has ever carried my bags out has been super friendly and outgoing.
I find this kind of customer service now-a-days rare and refreshing. It makes me want to go shop there all the time.
Also on a side note, I was at a birthday party this past weekend and a woman I was talking to mentioned that Market Street provides everyone, children and adults, with free generic prescriptions. So if you don't have insurance, like us, next time you go to the doctor, ask if there is a generic brand for your prescription and go fill it at Market Street for free. I haven't tried this out yet for myself, but it is definitely worth checking into.
Market Street also happens to be one of our greastest customers in the summertime with okra and squash as well. They are just as easy and friendly to work with as they are to shop with. So this summer be sure to go and buy local at Market Street :)


Jen said...

Market Street is nice. That's cool about the prescriptions. I'll have to remember that.

Stacy said...

Actually I went to the doctor yesterday, and he told me that it was just antibiotics.