Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick and tired

This past week Aubrey and I have not been feeling very well. It started with Aubrey a week ago on Friday night. That poor baby was up ALL night long, and so were we. I never heard anybody cough that much, until I caught it, and coughed my lungs out too. Anyway, we laid around the whole weekend and slept when we could, and Aaron and Alyssa hung out and went to church and the movies and grocery shopping. It has been a week now and the congestion and and cough is still lingering, but we are better....Thank goodness:) We are finally sleeping :)
Aaron and I have been seeing a different doctor now when we get sick. His name is Dr. Daniel Chartrand in Mckinney. He isn't your typical doctor. He lives in an historical house in downtown Mckinney and that is also where his office is. He has this old 50's ambulance that says "Dr. Dan" on the license plate that he drives when he does house visits. Yes. He is old school and we like that. He is oldschool, but not old. I would say he's in his early 30's. He does just about anything. Anyway, a lot of what he does is natural and wholistic healing. He uses drugs when really needed, but his view is a lot of it isn't necessary when there are other natural things you can do. We like this concept, because we don't like taking medicine when it's really not needed. Anyway he suggested to me to use a "Neti pot." It looks very much like a tiny tea pot. Anyway, I put ecchinacea and goldenseal drops and sea salt and water in the neti pot, and breathe through my mouth and poured the water in one nostril. It poured into my left nostril and the water drained out of my right nostril. Then I repeated and did the other side. Not the most fun thing in the world, but it really helped a lot. It flushes out your sinuses. If you are really good, you can tip your head back and pour through the nose and let it run out of your mouth, but I just couldn't do that. This is where I wish I knew how to post pictures under my posts :) It was quite a site to see and entertainment for the whole family. Patti Ramsey was always trying to tell me to sniff salt water up my nose when I get colds, but I just couldn't do it. The neti pot made it a little easier. I would recommend this for those with sinus problems or allergy problems or colds. It immediately helps you breathe easier and sleep better at night. You can find neti pots at Wal Greens. I got all my things at Mike's Health Collection in Mckinney. Whole Foods would be another place for the drops. Now I realize this isn't the most exciting of posts, but hey, I've been at home sick with a sick child all week....what can you do?
There will be more exciting things posted soon I am sure. We leave tonight to go to the marriage encounter with New Hope. I know for sure God will be doing some amazing things. Aaron and I have had so much spoken to us lately and a lot of it needs to be processed and weighed, but when the time is right, I will share the exciting things God has been speaking. Stay tuned:)

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