Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food Fight

From my experience as a mom and aunt, my kids and neices and nephews always ate a ton when they started eating table food. Between the ages of 1-2 they couldn't eat enough. The little ones would always out-eat the big kids. Then when they hit 2 they just stop wanting to eat, and you have to make them eat or spoon feed them again.
Aubrey has been no acception. Even though she has been a little pickier than Alyssa ever was, she has always been a great eater. She would eat a whole head of broccoli if I let her, but still no bread products.
In the last 2 weeks I have noticed she has made this transition to running to the table at dinner time and eating her food with no problem, to telling me no everytime I ask her if she wants to eat now and hardly touching her food. I was hoping she wouldn't go through this little stage, but it looks like she started a month early. So the fight begins AGAIN!

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