Friday, May 22, 2009

Farming 2009

So far this year, farming has been good. The rain we got, kind of set us back a little. We had weeds galore and grass growing in the squash and okra patches. But this week has been dry all week so it gave Aaron some time to go get a handle on it. The sun is helping out our squash a great deal. Today Aaron took 30 boxes of squash to the market and he said it was sold within 5 minutes! That's the kind of sales we love...none of this waiting around for hours trying to find people to take it! I think it being memorial weekend really helped a lot! People plan on being busy!
Aaron told me that every time he showed someone his squash they complimented him on how beautiful it was! I'm so proud of him!
So we pulled out onions and the squash and zucchini is coming off, and today they are digging our potatoes too! Now we are waiting on the okra and cukes!
My brother, Steve is going to be supplying us with tomatoes and peppers this year! He took me and showed me his progress last night and everything looked beautiful! Tomatoes and jalapenos are already growing, and he has pears growing on his pear trees too!
If anyone reads this....come visit our fruitstands! Don't miss out on the home grown fresh yummy veggies and fruits! I LOVE fresh and am very proud of our stuff! Come visit us in downtown Rockwall every Saturday from 8-12 or in Wylie the first and third Saturday of every month from 8-1! Look for the Reeves Family Farm sign!

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