Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Story

The other morning at 6:30 am I got a text from my sister in law, Ashley that they were giving away Taylor Swift tickets on The Wolf at 7:35. I got up and started listening and was preparing myself to call in and 5 minutes before it was time, they announced that it was a contest for dads..and to win they had to be the 99th caller and sing the song "Love Story." So I called Aaron at work and told him that it was for dad's and he immediately, without skipping a beat asked me what he had to sing. I gave him the lyrics and he ran out to his truck and practiced them about 5 times. It was the sweetest thing! I was laughing so hard that I was crying. It was so darn cute! Well, he let me go so that he could call into the radio and Alyssa and I sat listening to see if Aaron was going to be caller 99. When we heard the man's voice on the radio, Alyssa said that's not my daddy. It was so disappointing. I just knew that we were going to win! But some other sweet dad won them for his 2 girls.
That was the sweetest thing for Aaron to try and win that for Alyssa! What a wonderful daddy she has and such a sweetheart! We love him so much!

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