Sunday, May 10, 2009

Aubs the chatterbox!

My little mini muffin Aubrey has become quite the little chatterbox. She talks all day long. Some is jibber jabber and some words I can make out sometimes. I think she is going to be our social butterfly. Just in the past couple of weeks she has really caught onto words. She repeats a lot of what we say and I see her looking at my lips when I talk and trying to mouth along with my words. She can say her name now. She says "Bauby." I told my brother that and he said well then she can't say her name.....smarty pants! Some other words she says now are....."sissy, Lyssa, Lucy (our dog), cute shoes, baby, tuggy(which is her pacifier), blankie, bite, no, ouch, uh-oh, hi, bye-bye, ow, mommy & daddy. She can also point to her nose, mouth, and eyes! She has advanced a lot in her 15th month! She is so much fun! She is always happy and smiling and is a little feisty! Such a cuddler too! One of the girls that works at the gym nusery says Aubrey gives the best bear hugs in the world! I would have to agree! She is so lovey and friendly! When we are grocery shopping she likes to say hi to all the people we pass by! I am really enjoying having 2 girls! It is so much fun!

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