Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's on my heart tonight

Sometimes I grow so very tired of people not getting the bigger picture. I know "the bigger picture" just can't be "gotten," it has to be given to you by the holy spirit himself, and you have to be in a place to receive it as well. You have to have your own God Experience. Then once you have it, it's like oh my gosh....I can see everything so very clearly now. I was truly blind but now I can see it. Sounds kind of like a Christian cliche', but my gosh...I can't stress how true and real that it is. I can oftentimes forget that others haven't received the awesome gift of the "bigger picture." I don't often try to conversate with people about spiritual things if they aren't at a place of understanding. I'm not talking about preaching, I'm talking about a discussion, because I know that it's just going in one ear and out the other. Sometimes I will slip, because passion will take over, and I'll just end up so frustrated at how easily ignored the conversation becomes and how quickly people change the subject. Deep down I know there isn't an understanding for them, and there may be some discomfort, but at the time it just feels like I am being brushed off and I end up so frustrated. I want to shout...'Oh my gosh this is so important, why aren't you getting this!' But I shut up as Aaron just whispers to me," They don't get it, just drop it." Such a hard thing to do when you have a grasp of the "bigger picture," and you are passionate about something and you have no one that you can discuss it with without them looking at you like you are crazy. I have friends with the same passions as me I can conversate with, but sometimes the people that I am closest to don't have a clue as to the things that matter most to us and the amazing things God is doing in our lives, because we can't talk to them about it. Don't take this email the wrong way. We are not so much higher and mightier and more spiritual than anyone else. This is simply a huge part of our lives that some people close to us know a very small amount of details about, or want to for that matter. All I'm saying is it's just hard to keep quiet and to keep light conversations about a subject that is so deep and so profound, and that is THE most important thing in your life, because the people around you don't want to hear about it. They don't ever say,"I don't want to hear about it." They just brush it off quickly and change the subject, and I wind up with my panties in a wad until God whispers to me or Aaron whispers to me that they haven't yet gotten the bigger picture.
My very wise farmer husband is always talking in parables like Jesus and reminds me that you have to have good soil to plant the seeds. If the soil isn't ready the seed won't take root and grow. This is very easy to forget when I don't have my spiritual glasses on and I'm letting personal feelings and my emotions come in.

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The Hayes' said...

Very well put Stacy! It seems as though it is hard to talk to people about your passions, but any little seed counts. I believe that one day those that "don't get it" one day will by those tiny seeds you have planted.