Thursday, December 10, 2009

Out sick

This morning I woke up to Alyssa throwing up in my bed. She felt fine afterwards, but I still made her stay home from Pre-school. She was a little upset about that. She kept saying, "Mom, I'm so not sick. I only threw up."LOL! Plus, Aunt Savita is having an after school Christmas party for her girls and some friends today and she invited Alyssa to come over. So all morning long, about a thousand times Alyssa has asked me if she can still go to the Christmas party. I told her the same answer about a thousand times. 'If you don't throw up again, and if Aunt Savita says it's ok, then you can go.' So we will see what happens today. I am just praying no one else gets this bug. She is acting totally normal.
Well, on a different note: Alyssa is completely obsessed with wearing tank tops at home. She doesn't want to wear anything else to bed or around the house lounging. I blame my neice Emmy for that one, because Alyssa wants to do everything like Emmy and Emmy wants to wear tank tops all the time too :) So we were going through our clothes and toys to donate to the Arc of Texas, and Alyssa told me, "Mom, we have to give these clothes and toys to kids that don't have money." I said that's right. She said, "Well, we don't have to give them all my tanktops, but I will give them a little bit." Made me giggle a little bit. How sweet of her to be willing to give up her cherished tanktops.
So we were in her room and I said 'you look and sound like you are feeling better. I think you need to clean your room.' She looked up at me with her pitiful blue eyes and said as serious as could be..."Well, when I clean my room, that's what makes me sick." I said really? Cleaning your room makes you sick,' and I started to laugh. And she yelled back at me"Mom, it's not funny, and it's true it does make me sick. I might throw up."

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