Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 2 cents

I am going to be so bold as to give my 2 cents about the new movie that is out " The Princess and the Frog." Alyssa has been wanting to see it since the previews have first started showing, so I took her to see it. I have to say that I was extremely disappointed and Alyssa wasn't very impressed with it either. I felt that they emphasized and almost glorified voo doo and satanism in this movie. In the past I have had some "religious" views about movies and was a little over the top about things, and not watching certain movies. I was anti Harry Potter, but since then God has done some works in me and my opinions have changed about what I will let my kiddos watch. i am still careful, but not over the top anymore. I have become a little more relaxed, but this one was just plum blatant about it. The voo-doo man in the movie often refers to "asking for help from his friends from the other side." Then it shows demonic shadows coming out of the walls and ground, and giving him these supernatural powers. He actually called on his "friends from the other side" for help. There are parts where they take the blood of the prince and the character wears it in a voodoo vile around his neck to conjur up the powers of these evil spirits. At several different times they take a voodoo doll and start to poke it with pin. There is fortune telling with tarot cards, and at one point the voodoo man speaks out that if you destroy his vile of blood, he won't be able to work out of the powers from his friends from the other side. He at one point promises the souls of many people as payment for help from these demonic shadows. Of course Disney cutesied it up a bit, but there were some evil things demonstrated in this movie that I felt was unnecessary in a children's movie, and it almost seemed to be intentional because of the amount of detail they put into it.
It's a shame that they had to do that. I thought it was weird.....reminded me of the time Disney was putting X rated things hidden in their movies. I know that was true, and not hearsay...I have "The Little Mermaid" movie with a big penis detailed in on the top of the King's castle on the cover. Just as clear as daylight. Makes you wonder who it is that is creating these movies for our kiddos to watch, and how easy it is for them to hide or slip in underlying messages or profanity.

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