Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jesus and icecream

Tonight we took the girls to church and met with our very awesome friends Alicia and Kavin Tubbs. We had such a great night of conversation and ministry. God always uses them in tremendous ways to speak into our life! We love them so much!
Anyway, afterwards when we picked the girls back up from church they were both in such wonderful moods! Aubrey was trying so hard to talk. She was saying every word she knew...I mean every word she knew trying to converse with us. It was so cute! She now knows where her nose and mouth and eyes and toes are. She is such a smart little cutie pie!
Well... the main reason I wanted to blog tonight was to record the conversation we had with Alyssa. She was so excited about Jesus when she got out of church tonight. We got in the car and she went on and on about how Jesus is coming out of the sky today! She said it about a hundred times! "Mom and dad, did you know Jesus is coming out of the sky today?" He is coming down from heaven out of the sky today." She said we had to go home and get some icecream and sit and wait and watch for Him to come down. She then proceeded to tell me that there were a lot of people in heaven and that there is going to be a big wedding and that Jesus probably has icecream in heaven too! When we got home she got out of the car and said, "Look do you see him. He is coming down." She ran in the house and got the flash light and took it back outside so that she could see him better when he came down. Aaron told her that when He comes, that we will be coming down behind Him and told her how awesome it was going to be, and he told her she was going to have a new body and be wearing a beautiful white dress. She told him, "Maybe my dress will be pink dad." It was so cute!
Having my almost 4 year old get so excited about Jesus and His return and hearing how much knowledge she had, got me so excited. I think God is so awesome!
Also I just wanted to add that the other day we were talking and I told her that I loved her heart and that she had such a sweet heart. I put my hand on her chest when I said this and she said "Momma, do you feel his head in my chest." she was talking about Jesus being in her heart. She is so precious with her "child-like faith." That is how I want to be, and that is how I think God wants all of us to be!


Cindi said...

Wow, your family has amazing faith!

Stacy said...

Thanks Cindi! We've just seen God move so much in our lives!