Sunday, April 12, 2009


This year we had such a good Easter. The night before me and Alyssa decorated eggs and made deviled eggs. It was so much fun, but stunk up our house. It smelled like an egg and toot mixed together...horrible! I lit candles in every room to get the smell out. Before we went to bed that night I was laying in bed with Alyssa and I prayed over her and told her I was so thankful to have her as my daughter and to have Aubrey and Aaron. I told her how great a family we had and said I am just so lucky to have such a wonderful family. In her little soft voice she said, "me too." Just melted my heart to butter! So sweet. I told her the Easter story about Jesus and what he did for us and what Easter meant and when I was done she said, "tell me again momma, tell me a hundred times again! " Have I ever mentioned how precious she is and how much I love being a mom??????? It's the time of my life!
The next morning the Easter bunny had visited and the girls woke up and went through all the Easter goodies. Aubrey got a toy bunny, a new baby praise DVD, which is her favorite, a monkey cup and plate, and lots of candy. Alyssa got a new BOZ DVD, tattoos and stickers, lipgloss and a new plate and cup to match Aubreys. When she looked at her plate she said,"HEY, they had this at Target." Whoops! The Easter Bunny will have to be more careful next time! :)
Then we went to a great church service and headed out to my dad's for lunch with the Gilbert clan. It was so good seeing everyone! The upside to being married is also a downside, you gain a new family, but you don't get to see yours as often anymore. Does that make sense?
I hadn't seen the Gilbert side in a while, but everyone was the same and it felt as good and comfortable as ever! SueAnn had everything set up real nice and everyone brought a ton of good food, and we all sat around eating and talking. The rainy day ended up turning into a beautiful day. The kids were able to hunt their eggs outside. Memaw made an extra basket of eggs for the kid that got the least amount. That ended up being Alyssa. She took her sweet time hunting the eggs, opening up every one and peaking inside to see what she got before she went to the next one! That was so sweet of Memaw!
Alyssa, Adrian, Emery, and Avery stayed outside allllll dayyyy longgggg! From about 1:00 pm until we left which was around 8:00 pm. They all play so good together and played so hard. They ended up taking off their shoes and socks and pants and playing in the creek. So much fun!
We ended the day just sitting on the back driveway chatting and enjoying the weather. It was just a perfect day! I am thankful God blessed me with such a wonderful family!

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