Friday, April 10, 2009

Hannah Montana

This may sound a little silly, but today was one of my favorite times as a mom! Alyssa and I went to the movies to see the new Hannah Montana movie. It was so much fun! We got popcorn, sourpatch kids, junior mints and a coke and went to the end of the line of young girls that were waiting to watch the movie. Some girls were decked out in their Hannah gear and one girl even had on a Hannah wig! It was so funny watching all those girls get excited!
We sat in the back and poured all of our candy out into our popcorn bag and just had our own little party, just the two of us. Alyssa likes Hannah Montana, but she loves Taylor Swift, and Taylor had a little cameo in the movie. She didn't take her eyes off the big screen and kept saying momma, when is it going to show Taylor? When it finally did, she got so excited! Her eyes got real wide and she said there she is, and sat straight up in her seat! Other kids in the theater got excited too and started clapping and yelling for little miss Taylor! This is the silly part...I started to cry a little bit! It was just so precious being there in that moment with Alyssa and watching her get excited. In that moment I felt so so very blessed to be her mom and to have my sweet girls! I thought about the time my mom paid $200.00 for me a ticket to sit in the 5th row of the New Kids on the Block concert, and thought to myself...I would so do that for Alyssa to see Taylor Swift or Hannah Montana up close. That little look on her face was priceless and to see her excited and having fun was so amazing! I would pay good money to see that excitement and joy! So in that moment I understood why my mom paid that kind of money for her 5th grader to see Donnie D. up close! My absolute favorite thing in the entire world is seeing my girls happy and having fun!
Anyway, the movie was precious! I loved it! I think it will be one to buy!
At the end, I wasn't the only mom that was crying...another lady walking in front of me was crying and laughing at the same time, saying Oh my gosh I don't know why I am crying at the Hannah Montana movie! She had 2 girls with her too! I guess she got it too...what Hannah Montana represents...those little girls that like to dream big! That innocent precious time in their life that will pass so quickly! I savored every second of it! It really was one of my best days as a mom! I had so much fun with my sweet girl!

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