Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowy Fun!

So this is what we woke up to yesterday morning! Once again, for the 4th school!

Never before in our neck of the woods have I seen such beautiful, perfectly glistening snow! It was so fluffy and so shimmery!

Enormous Snowman we drove past :)

Look at this snowflake! It's not a great picture (blurry), but it was so miraculous! All these beautiful perfect snowflakes were falling most of the day. Even the smallest things, God puts so much detail into!

We had to get out and play in this.....
Running start

2 peas in a pod...Dad and Alyssa played ALL DAY LONG!

Alyssa is like her Dad...she is our adventurous child...she loved every minute of it!

Aubrey says..."forget that cold weather, I will cheer you on from the truck!"

And then we came home and ate nachos :)


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Elle J said...

What an amazing snowflake!!! That is a great picture - you could crop that and put it in a tiny picture frame. =) Enjoy your snow-fun!