Tuesday, February 22, 2011

80's flashback

No, that's not a little boy on that bicycle with a basket, and no, that's not JFK pushing the bicylcle. That was me and my dad back in 1984....the very first day he took the training wheels off for me. I was in Kindergarten, and my mom wrote beneath the picture that I kept telling him to let go that I could do it by myself.

This is Alyssa and her dad 27 years later on her first day to have the training wheels come off, same age as I was, in Kindergarten. We heard the same words a few times come out of her mouth...."let go, I can do it by myself," followed by some crying and frustrating rants, then joyful celebration once she went a little ways by herself.

Aaron made the comment that this was such a sweet time for him. He looks forward to things like this, and Alyssa was so over-the-moon excited. It's a sweet memory that she will have forever...the day her dad took the training wheels off. That's a memory with my dad that I will forever remember, and I know Alyssa will too. As I have gotten a little older (not much older, just a little) I have come to appreciate and cherish days like these. It was an exciting day at our house!

Oh, and little Aubrey also learned to pedal the tricycle like a champ :)

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