Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold days in

In Texas, we aren't very use to super cold, so if you live here now, you may hear a lot of complaining, because it is COLD! We have had a big ice storm, not snow, ICE, which caused our electricity to go out for a few hours, and my daughter to be out of school for 3 days. On top of that, me and my little one had the flu for those 3 days, which was AWFUL, but all is better now. In saying all that, I do not like the ice on the roads, but I don't mind the cold at all. I kinda like it. I enjoy being forced inside with my 3 favorite people, and I love snuggling by the fireplace and watching movies. Our summers are so busy and hectic, I enjoy the peaceful stay-ins of the winter. One of our favorite things to do is s'mores, of course, in the fireplace. We do it up right over here. Have you ever made a s'more with Nutella? It's to die for! You gotta try it!

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John and Tara Dunn said...

Hey Stacy! My name is Tara and my husband and I are adopting through YWAM. I have noticed via your blog link on the YWAM site that we are practically at the same stage. Just wanted to introduce myself! Sure you are looking forward to Joy coming back on the 14th as much as we are:).