Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just for grins

I haven't shared a funny kid story in a while so I thought I would share one just for kicks. Every week in school Alyssa gets a new memory verse, that she has to recite to her teacher at the end of the week. This week's verse is "Depart from evil, and do good." Psalm 34:14. We were practicing going over it, and Alyssa kept on saying ""Defart" from evil and do good." Oh my goodness, it was hard not to giggle. I corrected her and said, 'Honey it's depart, not defart,'all the while trying to keep a straight face. She kept saying it over and over....and I would correct her. I hope she gets it down by Friday, or else Mrs. Smalley might be giggling too :) And I know all who read this story will never hear that verse in the same way again. Hope it makes you giggle everytime, for I know that Jesus was up there giggling right with my sweet girl thinking how precious she was!

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Jen said...

That is so cute!