Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ok Folks....without further ado, I can FINALLY tell you that we are having our homestudy on Tuesday Sept. 28th at 7:00 pm. Of course I told you a specific time so you could be praying for us, and of course I will remind you again the day before :)
As you know, we had a very VERY busy summer,( Thank you Jesus for a great harvest!) and with all that winding down, we have been able to refocus on this adoption again. This makes me happy! There is a season for everything, and we are entering into our time of really pursuing this adoption full force. On October 30th we will be having our big fundraiser in front of our church. This should be a lot of fun! There will be multiple raffles, crafts for kids, face painting, hot dogs, popcorn, lemonade, games and candy, cake walks and bake sale, bounce houses, and a professional photographer taking awesome pictures of families at an amazing cost! And of course, she is donating the proceeds to our adoption :) We are also in the process of having some awesome t-shirts printed up to sell. See...I told you it was time for us! God's timing is perfect and the time is now :) We are so excited and nervous all rolled up in one! I really hope if you live in our area, you will come and have fun with us on October 30th. Hope to see you there! Keep praying for us and our baby boy! Pray God leads us straight to him and pray that we will pass this homestudy with flying colors!

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Jen said...

Yea! I will be praying!