Friday, December 5, 2008

The Measure of Success

How do you measure success?
Some people measure it by their status or type of job that they have. Some by how much stuff they own or how fancy their car is. Most people measure success by how much money they make. All of that stuff is nice. Those are some great heights to have reached if you have set out to reach those things in life. I'm not knocking that. Some of those are things that I would like to obtain as well. I just think that there is a lot more to success and life than that.
Success is the inexhaustable mom who knows that kids only have one childhood to live, so she gives it her all to make sure that they laugh everyday.
Success is the dad that realizes time with his family is way more important than working late to make a little extra money.
Success is reaching out to people in need, even when you don't have a lot to give yourself.
Success is about making a promise and keeping it.
Success is about how much character you show in everyday living and in the decisions you make.
Success is realizing that this life we live is only temporary, and most of these things that we strive for are fleeting.
Success is the realization that people and relationships matter more than anything else in this world.
Success is knowing that when we leave this very small, tiny, short thing we call life, other lives will have been touched by the way we live our life.
My ultimate success is knowing that when I see God face to face one day, He will be proud of my successes and my life and the legacy Aaron and I have left behind with our children and the character that we have brought out in them. My hope is that when I get to heaven one day I will get to see the faces of the people my life has made a difference in and the ones that have been that difference in mine.
Just wanted to say thank you to ALL my friends and family. Each person has impacted my life in some way.

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