Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the funny things they say...

Alyssa is quite funny with her use of words. The other day we were at the dinner table praying for the Tubbs' family. Alyssa said she wanted to pray and started praying for the "bathroom" family. It was so funny. I looked at Aaron and said she means Tubbs, get it? Bathroom, Tubbs... and he started laughing.
Another funny thing she likes to do is give herself "tatoos" on her body with an ink pen. Well I noticed she had "tattooed" herself up the other day and she had some on her face. I asked her what is that on your face and she replied, " that's my "mo"." Meaning, that is her mole. Cracked me up. I hope she isn't aspiring to be like Madonna.
The other night we were both sick with a stomach virus. So nasty, we got it bad.
She had just finished throwing up in my bed and she looked at me and realized I was wearing tinkerbell pjs and she said, mommy I love your tinkerbell." Poor little thing is still all girl even when she is throwing up. Then that night she kept wanting something to drink. All night long..."momma, I so thirsty," so Aaron gave her ice chips. She woke up at 5:00 am and wanted her ice. I told her it was melted and I was too sick to get up and get more. She stuck her finger in, still half asleep and said, "yep, it's like juice." I said it's like juice huh? and she replied, "yes, it's like tomato juice." Okey Dokey!!!! What an imagination. So random just like her mommy. Even at a time where she and I felt our absolute worst, vomiting and other things, she still managed to crack me up.
Little miss Aubrey is not a girl of too few words anymore. She liberally uses the word "no,no" and the other day she said "tae tu", which allow me to do my mommy interpretation, means thank you! Such a smart girl! She also says "ma" when she is eating, which is more, and "bbbrrr" which is bite. And of course," bye, bye." Such a sharp baby girl! She tries to copy a lot of what we say to her now. I am telling you, she is a genius, that one!

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