Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Friends

Today We had a baby shower for Dasha. She is so lucky to be having a little girl!!!! Girls are so fun! The shower was really small ... Just a few of us friends from high school that still get together once in a while. It is so great getting together with these girls. I love them all. Even though we don't see each other very much it always feels like we always pick up right where we left off before. Everyone is so different, most moms, some working girls. So different, but so the same. I love it! All those friends I fell in love with growing up, still have all those unique qualities that makes each one so awesome and special. It was me, Corey, Dasha, Kim, Ashley and Jennifer. Hollie ended up being sick, and Christy for some reason didn't make it --bummer! We missed them.
Anyway, we all just sat around chatting about old times, our birth experiences, and our families. Jennifer and I talked about all the times we hung out in junior high and had so much fun doing absolutely nothing and getting in trouble together all the time! We also talked a lot about where is so and so and what are they doing now kinds of things. It was really just what I needed. Old friends, laughing and hanging out. We decided we are going to plan an annual girls trip and I am in charge of planning a girls night sleepover at my house! Can't wait. We must all be more purposeful about hanging out more regularly. Dasha, bless her heart, tried really hard several years back to try and get everyone together more often, but then I think she gave up after a while. Now that we are 30, what? 30, and more seasoned, and settled, I think we should be more purposeful. I look forward to our next time together! Love them all! They are too much fun!

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