Thursday, November 20, 2008

Uncle Julios, Bingo and Dairie Queen

Tonight we went out to celebrate Savita's birthday. I gave her shoes that she had already seen and picked out and she bought me the same ones to give to me when my birthday rolls around. Mom got her the buxom lip gloss set she and I both wanted, and Steve picked her out a purse on his own and gave her a Starbucks gift card. He is a surprisingly great gift giver! So it was just me, Aaron, my mom, Steve and Savita. The night started out at Uncle Julios in Allen, expensive but so good.
I had the beef fajita nachos, which were so so so good, and the swirl margarita which was not worth the $7.50 it cost. After that we traveled on over to the Plano East Bingo, which was great fun. We had it all planned out that if we struck it rich we were all going to split it, but we never won. We did have a lot of laughs at each other. There is always a lot of laughing when Steve is around. He's the comedian in the family. It was funny enough just trying to keep up with the Bingo numbers called out. We might have won but would never know because we couldn't keep up. We were too busy laughing at and making fun of each other. Then mom went on home and Steve and Savita and me and Aaron traveled onto Dairie Queen. Even though it was 35 degrees outside, Savita had 2 buy 1 get 1 blizzard coupons that we had to use before they expired, so we each got a blizzard. We sat in Dairie Queen eating our butterfinger and reeses blizzards laughing some more about the things Steve used to make us do when we were little. He once told me and Brad Boyd to be in their cool club that we had to sit on a mouse trap. He also one time was playing hide n seek with Chris and Brad and told Brad to hide in the drier and turned it on! Wow! Fun times. Good memories. Simple but a great night! Lots of laughing. Loved it. Will play Bingo again.

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