Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Morning Full of Laughs

This morning was a funny morning with my girls. Aubrey had woken up at 6:45 and was laying in bed with us and she was practicing a new trick I had never heard her do. She was sitting up between us clicking her tongue. We were laying there and we heard this click, click, click. It was so cute. Then I heard her say No, no. Which was her first word other than mama and dada. Man, she was really doing some developing in her sleep last night. Just overnight and 2 new tricks.
Then this morning Alyssa was talking about how she wanted to put up the Christmas tree, and she was all excited and said, "And we can wrap the presidents, too! We got a giggle out of that.
Nana Shannon kept the girls last night while we went out, and I had asked Shannon if she would be sure and help Alyssa brush her teeth good. Well, this morning I noticed Alyssa's breath, which I rarely do. She doesn't usually have bad breath in the morning. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to make her feel self conscious, but later on I saw her holding her hand over her mouth. She looked at me and said,"mom, Nana didn't brush my teeth very good last night." It was so funny, she noticed it herself. She cracks me up, because she seems like a little grown up sometimes. I wasn't going to share this, but it was too funny not to....
Yesterday I was about to get in the shower and Alyssa came behind me and popped me on my bottom and said ,"mommy, cute bobo." It was too funny. I said thanks honey, and giggled my way into the shower.
Love those girls so much!

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