Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sparkly Shirt for Jesus

Lately Alyssa has been talking a lot about Jesus. She has been asking questions and praying more. She prays every night before we eat dinner. The other night Aaron was putting her to bed and she was praying. She said for God to give daddy sweet dreams (so sweet). While she was praying Aaron had his hands lifted to the Lord and Alyssa looked over at him and stuck her legs up in the air. It was too funny. She said daddy you got to pray like this. Aaron got a good laugh out of that. She praises him with her whole body.
We have been talking a lot about Christmas and that the reason we really celebrate is because it is Jesus's birthday. She told me today that she is going to make Jesus a birthday cake and make him a sparkly shirt for his birthday on Chirstmas. So I guess we will be bedazzling Jesus a shirt for his birthday. I love her heart!!!! She really really blesses me every single day. I know that Jesus will be smiling when she is making him that shirt, and who knows, one day when we get to heaven, he may even be wearing it!!!

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