Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have you seen these?

Have you seen these dolls? They are so great! A friend of mine brought one over to my house and showed me. They are beautiful nice quality dolls that represent girls from around the world. They are called "Heart to Heart" dolls, and they are partnered with World Vision. A portion of the proceeds goes towards a girl in need living in a community from the country in which you purchase.
The doll I bought was Ethiopian, so the portion will go to helping a girl in Ethiopia, and the one my friend bought, will go to helping a girl in India! Isn't that just awesome?! What a great Christmas present these will make this year! There are about 6-7 different ones, and there are additional outfits you can buy to switch out as well. Also, each doll comes with a story about the girl the doll is representing, so it's also educational. My friend, Patty, bought the one from India. She was so cute with her nose ring and her henna on her hand. Of course when I found out there was one from Ethiopia I had to run out and get it! Keep these in mind this year when you are trying to make out your Christmas list. You can find them at Target for under $30.00!


Chris said...

I wondering if a certain 10 yr. old girl would like these???

Jen said...

Bella loves her and will tell me it looks just like her :)