Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vacation in Galveston!

With this summer being so chaotic, we were needing some good quality family time, so we took a little trip down to Galveston Island! It was the best thing we could've done! We had such a wonderful time! The only negative was that it went by way too fast! We spent most of our days on the beach... dolphin watching, boogie boarding, looking for seashells, and building sandcastles. But we also went fishing several times, went to the aquarium, ate icecream more than twice :) and tried out plenty of local restaurants. A favorite night was sitting in the rockers on the big patio built over the ocean at Merdochs. I didn't want to leave. Our little condo we stayed in, wasn't anything special, but the location was awesome and we had THE BEST view from our little balcony. I was in bliss sitting out on that beautiful and peaceful and just what the doctor ordered! I sat out on the balcony for about an hour and-a-half one afternoon while the girls napped and watched a storm roll in. I could see Aaron fishing on the jetty across the street from our condo! It was a perfect moment! Staring at that ocean that never ended reminded me of how amazingly creative and Huge our God is! Just like the song says...."There's something about the ocean that makes me want to rise up and praise!" There's something about the ocean that makes me stand in awe of Him." What a glorious and creative creation and gift of beauty! We were so grateful for that time of family togetherness and fun, and that gift of God's beauty!

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Meliski said...

My great grandmother, who will be 101 in October, always talks with pride about her honeymoon in Galveston. All the family on my mom's side is from Texas but, somehow, mom landed here in rainy, green, cool Washington State! :)

Thanks for writing about Galveston, it looks like so much fun! The Lemanski clan will have to go for a visit one of these summers!!