Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ordinary Hero Blog: New Video of our day at the trash dump in Ethiopia...

Please everyone that reads our blog, please click on the blue letters below and watch this compelling footage that a team from Ordinary Hero ministries took while visiting a dump in Ethiopia...Korah. This broke my heart and I cried through the entire video. Please watch and consider how you can completely change a child or children's lives forever. We are more than blessed living in America. Even those of us that have just a little have far more than these people. If we really think about it, we can selflessly give a little something up to help someone else. This small amount doesn't just provide a little, it can be life changing for one of these precious children! Let God use you in bringing hope to them! Be their change! Just think, when you change one person's life, you not only change their life, you change generations of lives to come!
It is so precious that these children think of their sponsors as "moms and dads."
Just goes to show you how much it means to them!

Click here :Ordinary Hero Blog: New Video of our day at the trash dump in Ethiopia...: " it is. This is a video that I put together to show you all first hand, just why we all came back so moved by the area in Ethio..."

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